Saturday, January 23, 2016

Charlie Sheen Not Taking His HIV Meds, Engaging In Unprotected Sex And In Legal Dispute With Ex-Wife Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is in the news again sparking more controversy with his actions. The actor recently came forward to confirm he is HIV positive. Sheen stated he has been taking his medicine and trying to stay healthy. However, news reports this month reveal Sheen stopped taking his HIV. This is dangerous twofold. Sheen needs meds to boost his HIV compromised immune system. Sheen also continues to have unprotected sex.

Sheen is also in the middle of another controversy. He has reneged on a deal to buy a new home for his ex-wife, Denise Richards and their preteen daughters. Sheen contends he gives Richards $50,000 per month in child support. His attorney also states he has given Richards $660,000 tax free, in addition to a $20,000,000 settlement. That is a significant sum of money. Under the circumstances, Richards should be able to buy a comfortable house. However, Sheen is in the wrong regarding his response to this issue. 

Angered by the financial dispute, Sheen responded to text messages from his underage daughters in a highly inappropriate manner, stating such things as, "Have a Merry Christmas with your f**k s**t mom...your dad is a rock star genius...your mom is a pu*s wart." He also texted his child a statement that her mother should "eat pork and die." 

For the past few years, the Judiciary Report has stated Sheen is a member of the mentally deranged Kabbalah Center, which is a Hollywood cult suffering from schizophrenia. Reports indicate Sheen has been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. The Kabbalah Center promotes mental illness engaging in sick, invasive spying, harassment, bullying, assault and threatening behavior, with the vile goal of "inducing schizophrenia." They spy on members and others in perverse ways, hoping them to make them paranoid schizophrenics in criminally inducing situations that create paranoia (being spied on and the contents of the illegal spying thrown in victims faces in acts of mental abuse and cruelty).

The sick cult is of the belief schizophrenia is a desirable mental state, when it is a danger to sufferers and all they come into contact with, due to the fact schizophrenics are known to engage in acts of violence, including murder. Many members of the Kabbalah Center have gotten into legal trouble for engaging in serious acts of violence. Several members of the Kabbalah Center have also been arrested for murder.