Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Republicans Vowing To Repeal All Of President Obama Policies When He Leaves Office (Including ObamaCare)

U.S. President Barack Obama

Republican rivals of Democrat, President Barack Obama, are vowing to repeal all he did while in office, after his term expires. The biggest piece of legislation that was rammed through under the Obama Administration, is ObamaCare, regarding health care for Americans. The Judiciary Report has repeatedly stated in the past that America needs a healthcare program, but ObamaCare is not it.

Things have gotten so bad under ObamaCare doctors' offices are turning patients away after they've shown up for appointments, stating all the voluminous paperwork has not been completed. Hospitals and physical rehabilitation facilities are also denying ObamaCare patients admittance, demanding doctors scrap vital post surgical care, resulting in the deaths of many people due to complications tied to recovering at home without medical supervision.


Cheer Up, Obama’s Legacy Can Be Erased

The White House rammed through an agenda that could be quickly undone by a Republican president

Dec. 20, 2015 4:06 p.m. ET - President Obama seems to aspire to join Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan as one of the three most transformative presidents of the past hundred years, and by all outward signs he has achieved that goal. But while Roosevelt and Reagan sold their programs to the American people and enacted them with bipartisan support, Mr. Obama jammed his partisan agenda down the public's throat...