Thursday, December 10, 2015

Racist Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia States In Ruling That Blacks Are Slower Than Whites Causing Uproar On Social Networking

He Should Be Impeached For Being A Corrupt Racist

Antonin Scalia

Racist, arrogant, smug Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia, has issued a disgusting ruling in the Fisher v. University of Texas case, which led to him being slammed on social networking. Scalia's name began to trend on the social networking website Twitter yesterday, as many people expressed their disgust and offense at his legal brief. Scalia gave his legal opinion on an "affirmative action" case which is a federal mandate allowing minorities such as black people, opportunities in employment and education, due to historically documented acts of hateful racism and segregation in America.  

Scalia insultingly wrote in his legal bried that blacks are better off at "slower" schools "where they don't feel pushed too hard" since very few African-Americans have been admitted to the University of Texas. Scalia disgustingly expressed his view that blacks do not belong in America's top universities, "I don't think it stands to reason that it's a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible." He stated blacks belong at "less advanced schools." His ignorant comments prompted outrage online, as many people, both black and white, posted comments slamming him on Twitter and Facebook.

It's alarming that Scalia had the gall to state such a thing in writing. He is so comfortable and brazen with the corruption and hate that he felt no qualms about disgracing the court system to untold millions in America and the world who read it online, in such a hateful, racist, ugly legal document. He is a disgrace. Scalia should be impeached. How can justice be properly dispensed from a court with a racist ignoramus holding such vile, archaic, dumb, discriminatory views. It's because of racists like Scalia that affirmative action was created in the first place.

Scalia, among others, is more proof that America still has a problem regarding racist people in society, who continue to abuse their posts in efforts at holding black people back. And make no mistake, Scalia not wanting blacks admitted at the University of Texas is a brazen and ugly attempt at holding black people back. Once again, racism is rearing its ugly head. I guess Scalia was inspired by Donald Trump's open hatred, racism and bigotry this week [Defiant Donald Trump Stands By His Call To Ban Muslims From America (Video)].

I am for "affirmative action" as America still has a problem with racism. Not everyone is racist, but many events over the past few years reveal it is still festering and cropping up around the country. "Affirmative action" was created to give black people equal opportunities in America. Let's face it, there was a time not long ago in the 1960s when black people were not allowed to drink from the same water fountains as whites, let alone attend the same schools. Black schools did not (and some still do not) receive the same funding as schools in predominantly white areas. The discrimination birthed the civil rights era (yet Scalia is trying to launch America back to that struggle). During slavery, which was abolished in America in 1865, black people were not allowed to read and were severely beaten if caught doing so, in something that was ingrained in African-Americans and led to poor, broken English being spoken.

Today, there are people in certain job positions who are and have been caught red-handed discriminating against blacks and other minorities. There have been widely publicized reports of select employers discriminating against applications with black or Hispanic names, refusing to even consider applications submitted by minorities. Ugly, racist private videos have been leaked revealing executives at select major U.S. corporations making racist statements about black people. Some of the videos even contained white executives dressing up in racially offense clothing, while mocking blacks in songs and using racial slurs. The hacker group Anonymous recently released a list of members of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) who are in positions of power in America and it is very disturbing, as these individuals are making decisions in legislature, court, school system and corporate sector.

I'm not surprised at Scalia's conduct. He is a racist who has shown he cannot be impartial. It's amazing how he is degrading blacks and not looking at his own culture. The case I originally filed against Italian-American pop singer, Madonna, several years ago contained serious issues regarding criminal copyright infringement, wiretapping, computer hacking, harassment, stalking and threats, regarding her and associates she does business with (Madonna has been engaging in business deals for years with known members of the mafia). The mafia has been engaging in acts of organized crime in Hollywood for years and continues to do so.

The Supreme Court, under Scalia, declined to review the case, despite the fact my life has been at stake due to acts of commissioned violence and Madonna and company literally stole a fortune in copyrights from my company that the depraved, lazy, shiftless kleptomaniac with a long history of theft tried to completely takeover in violation of the law. Scalia and company decided to help Madonna and company criminally steal preexisting copyrights from a hard working black woman in deeds that later culminated to that piece of trash Madonna feeling so secure and confident in corruption that she sent a Kabbalah Center member in Miami to assault my elderly mother who walks with a cane, while she was in Chase Bank, prompting the staff to rush and save her from him.

Since the filing of that case, my statements have proven true and correct in that Madonna's private investigator, Italian-American Mafioso, Anthony Pellicano, who belongs to the Colombo family of La Cosa Nostra (mafia), was indicted 4 months after the FBI interviewed me twice and I gave them documents about him and others, as well as my personal testimony on their criminal behavior. He is currently in prison serving a 15-year sentence. I have since filed a new case and secondary one regarding one of Madonna's hackers (with other cases on the way).

During the course of the first case, I received mafia styled threats from Madonna's Kabbalah Center members she keeps sending to stalk me, repeatedly telling me about "Madonna" "Italy" and things relating to her being "Italian." One of the more distinct threats a Kabbalah member told me on Madonna's behalf is that "When the mafia orders a hit on someone, the order comes down from the top, then works its way down to the bottom and then the person is killed." I have also been called "nig*er" and "slave" by them, among other things (Madonna herself has used the n-word on Instagram and was widely slammed for it in the press and on social networking).

One of Madonna's relatives, who is in the mafia, was also arrested by the FBI and police in Los Angeles for extortion, in threatening to beat and kill famous actor/movie producer, Steven Seagal, if he didn't give him a cut of his copyrights. There is a trend regarding the Italian-American mafia getting involved in corporate theft. Recently, the FBI arrested members of the mafia (the Lucchese family) for criminally stealing a company worth $1 billion dollars, FirstPlus Financial Group Inc, through strong arm tactics, violence and death threats. Then the members of the mafia began looting FirstPlus Financial Group Inc's bank accounts to live in luxury, even buying themselves a plane.

Why doesn't Scalia address the issues regarding the mafia, apart of his culture, illegally operating in Hollywood through people like Madonna among others and in other parts of the financial sector, via lazily refusing to work, opting to steal hardworking people's money and property, threatening to viscously beat and murder others if victims resist. Instead Scalia opts to trash black culture, while glossing over the blaring problems of his own.

Many reports indicate Scalia is the Supreme Court judge that aided George W. Bush in stealing the 2000 presidential election in America from rightful winner, Democrat, Al Gore. Widespread election fraud occurred in the state of Florida during the 2000 presidential election. At the time, Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, was the Governor of Florida. They engaged in massive corruption to take away the right to vote from many Floridians, who were registered Democrats. These Democrats would have voted for Gore. 36,000 newly registered Democrats were turned away at the polls in Florida, not allowed to vote on election day. A number of other Democrats were turned away at the polls labeled "convicted felons" when they were not (felons are not allowed to vote in U.S. presidential elections).

Other scams transpired during the election via the Bush family. Votes for Gore were found in election boxes that had been criminally tossed into the Everglades (Florida swamp) among other places and not counted. Other issues occurred in Florida with "hanging chads" which were bits of perforated paper on the sides of ballots that in many cases caused the votes in Florida to be misread or not counted. Florida became the subject of mockery in America on television and social settings over the theft of the election, in an image problem that has remained with the state to this day.

Based on reports, when the case went to court, Scalia strong armed the rest of the Supreme Court into misdeeds that awarded George W. Bush the election. Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan, whose vice president at the time was George H.W. Bush (George W. Bush's father). According to a report by CBS, among other outlets, Scalia strong armed the rest of the Supreme Court into halting the vote recount and tossing out votes for Gore. With that corruption Bush won the election.

It was outrageous and very autocratic in nature. And the government wonders why some people don't give a darn about voting. Over 50,000,000 people voted in the 2000 election and 1 crooked judge on the Supreme Court, Scalia, strong armed 3 others into invalidating an entire national election in favor of a man destiny had not chosen. Let that sink in, 50,000,000 people voted, yet 1 man ended up deciding the election. That's not democracy. That's a criminal farce. What a disgrace!

How can the U.S. government state there are "checks and balances" supposedly creating fairness and justice, yet 1 crooked man in a court invalidated the votes of millions of people, who took the time out of their day to go to the polls, wait in line and vote in an election. Scalia corrupted justice in favor of the administration who appointed him to his position on the court. That's vile.

So disgracefully arrogant is Scalia, he even taunted Gore after corrupting the election at the Supreme Court, "Richard Nixon, when he lost to Kennedy thought that the election had been stolen in Chicago, which was very likely true with the system at the time. But he did not even think about bringing a court challenge. That was his his prerogative. So you know if you don't like it, don't blame it on me. I didn't bring it to the courts. Mr Gore brought it into the courts." What an arrogant, smug savage.

Beware of robbing other people of their destiny, as God will turn it into disgrace. Ooops, that's exactly what has since happened regarding George W. Bush. He is now considered the most hated president in U.S. history. Sadly, Bush cost America trillions of dollars foolishly spent on a deceitful war he lied about and governed the nation so poorly during his tenure it led to the massive, unprecedented 2008 financial crisis. Worst of all, Bush cost America and the world millions of lives in ill-fated wars to steal oil and gold in the Middle East (the Bush family owns an oil company and his former vice president, Dick Cheney, has extensive financial ties to the company Halliburton, who greatly profited from the war). Said wars have created deadly terrorists groups in the Middle East who are actively targeting the West.

Scalia needs to beg God for forgiveness. His corrupt deeds at the Supreme Court in tandem with the Bush family changed the course of humanity for the worse, not the better. He also robbed a man of his destiny and on such a grand scale, in what led to the deaths of millions of people. And make no mistake, God will seriously punish him for it. I also think Scalia should be impeached. He has robbed Gore of his destiny. Therefore, his should be taken from him via being booted out of the court in disgrace. 

I keep stating in articles that the U.S. court system is corrupt and with other factions of the U.S. government, is going to end up bringing about the fall of America. The nation has never seen such financial and social turmoil and corruption that just keeps getting worse. Rome and Babylon fell under similar corruption and injustice. With what's happening in the U.S. government and parts of corporate America, the nation is headed for a massive fall that will change its standing and place in the world. 


La Cosa Nostra - Lengthy Prison Terms for Lucchese Crime Family Members

09/08/15 - In a world inhabited by international cyber criminals and violent terrorists, it would be easy to think of La Cosa Nostra—the Mafia—as a throwback to a bygone era. But a recent New Jersey case involving the Lucchese crime family is proof that traditional organized crime can still be a potent threat. Members and associates of the Lucchese organized crime family—one of the families traditionally associated with La Cosa Nostra (LCN)—were recently sentenced to lengthy prison terms in New Jersey for a financial fraud scheme that illegally netted millions of dollars.

Nicodemo “Nicky” Scarfo, Jr., whose imprisoned father was an LCN crime boss in Philadelphia, was sentenced in July to 30 years in prison for racketeering, securities and wire fraud, and other charges related to the 2007 illegal takeover of FirstPlus Financial Group Inc. (FPFG), a publicly held company in Texas. His associate, Salvatore Pelullo, also received a 30-year term. Brothers William and John Maxwell received 20- and 10-year terms, respectively.

“Essentially, Scarfo and Pelullo used extortion and other illegal means to gain control of the company,” said Special Agent Joe Gilson, who investigated the case from the FBI’s Atlantic City Resident Agency in New Jersey. “And then they systematically looted the company.” FPFG, once a billion-dollar financial organization that specialized in mortgages, had filed for bankruptcy. The company was dormant, said Special Agent Bill Hyland, who assisted in the investigation, “but still had assets, thanks to the continued proceeds from all the mortgages it had financed.”

In 2007, Pelullo and Scarfo used threats and other tactics to intimidate and remove FPFG’s management and board of directors. They were replaced with Mafia associates, including the Maxwell brothers—William was named special counsel to FPFG, while John became the company’s CEO. “Within several weeks of gaining control,” Gilson said, “Pelullo and Scarfo had lined their pockets with $7 million. Before they were arrested in 2011, more than $12 million was illegally funneled to them—money that rightfully belonged to the company’s stockholders.

The investigation revealed that between 2007 and 2008, Scarfo received $33,000 per month from FPFG as a “consultant”—at a time when he was on home detention in New Jersey for violating his parole from a previous conviction. The money was being paid to a shell company controlled by Scarfo. Pelullo, using a different shell company, had a similar deal. With their ill-gotten gains, the mobsters purchased an airplane, a yacht, and expensive jewelry.

“Complicated financial crimes are not normally the strong suit of LCN,” Gilson noted. But Pelullo, who had two previous federal fraud convictions, “was a persuasive con man. He could maintain an air of legitimacy, but behind the scenes everything was a fraud.” Using a variety of investigative techniques, including a court-ordered wiretap (monitored by retired FBI agents, some of whom had helped put Scarfo’s father behind bars), investigators unraveled the scam with the help of federal partners including the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. During the more than five-year investigation, a million pages of paper documents were analyzed and the contents of more than 100 computers were searched.

Scarfo, Pelullo, the Maxwells, and others associated with the fraud were convicted in 2014. “We feel great that our team was able to put a stop to these crimes and bring the subjects to justice,” Gilson said. “The FBI remains vigilant against all types of organized crime, including LCN.”