Wednesday, October 28, 2015

IRS Under Fire For Continuing To Illegally Target Conservatives And Christians On The Orders Of The Obama Administration

U.S. President Barack Obama

The Judiciary Report was the first to break the story in 2009 about the Obama Administration criminally targeting Christians and conservatives through the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in unlawfully withholding income tax returns and tax status that is due to all Americans in said financial brackets ("News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians Confirming Previous Site Claims"). The matter made its way to Congress, in a set of hearings that are on going. This week, a new report in the press has surfaced stating the problem has flared up again, regarding the Obama Administration discriminating against and harassing Christian via the IRS.

I don't care what political party you support or your race, you cannot legitimately hold the view that it is a good thing interfering with people's income as it relates to taxation. In doing so, the Obama Administration is damaging the economy. People work hard for their money, pay their taxes and expect what is due to them. The same goes for businesses. Each individual and business is supposed to receive the same tax deductions, credits, breaks and status as any other in their financial frame. For the Obama Administration to bring politics and discrimination to the IRS, to abuse and terrorize rivals and those who publicly disagree with the president's policies, is absolutely criminal.

You can't run a country like this. You can't discriminate and harass people on such a fundamental level, their taxes and businesses, as it says something terrible about your presidency that world history is recording. It will be remembered against you. The Obama Administration just keeps dragging America to new lows. You think it is cute, funny and showing people who's boss, but you are going to destroy America with what you are doing via this corruption in business, the courts and at the feds (FBI, CIA and NSA) and the history books will credit you as the despot that did it.