Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Emails Reveal She Kept Asking For Updates On Congressman Anthony Weiner's Penis

What Would Bill Clinton Say!

Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton: if I catch you liking Weiner's wiener pics on Instagram you're sleeping on the couch tonight!

The U.S. government has been publishing more emails of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and some of the newer revelations are something else. The emails revealed Clinton kept asking aides for updates on the penis picture scandal of former New York congressman, the appropriately and aptly named, Anthony Weiner.

Huma Abedin to husband Anthony Weiner: if I see one more penis pic of you online you're not gonna have one anymore!

Weiner sent penis pics to a woman, not his wife, on social networking and it accidentally went public. Your tax dollars hard at work, America. Clinton was clearly riveted by the story…and Weiner's, well, wiener. Yes, Weiner is married to Clinton aide and rumored girlfriend, Huma Abedin, but she still seemed too interested in Weiner’s wiener scandal. Judging by the overly interested tone of her emails, Clinton was 5-minutes from asking for more penis pics.


Hillary Clinton Got Constant Email Updates About Anthony Weiner’s (First) Penis Saga

Sometime shortly after Memorial Day weekend 2011, outspoken Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York was revealed to have sent dirty sexts and photos of his penis to a whole bunch of nice ladies. Weiner was married to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. Did Clinton have time, while flying around the world, to check in on her close aide’s penis story? She certainly did...