Thursday, October 1, 2015

George Zimmerman Keeps Issuing Racial Slurs Online

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the murderer of unarmed 17-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin, has been showing his true colors online, via making racists posts on the social networking website Twitter. Zimmerman has an obsession with targeting black males, having reported preteen and teen African-Americans to law enforcement, while he was a neighborhood watch captain. Zimmerman is now on Twitter making racist jokes about black people. It is another reminder that Martin’s unprovoked stalking and killing is a hate crime.

However, due to corruption in the justice system, violent Zimmerman was found not guilty in a case that was poorly presented and heard by a judge who was not impartial, fair or thorough in what was admitted into the case and the items that were deliberately ruled inadmissible.

Jurors later expressed their regrets. However, Zimmerman has a clear history of racial confrontations, assaults, domestic violent and terroristic threats. It doesn’t matter what one’s personal views are on race. It’s a sad day in America when a person can’t lawfully walk the streets without being stalked, confronted, then murdered by a hateful psychotic who should have been behind bars for previous crimes his daddy judge used his contacts to pervert the course of justice to ensure his criminal son‘s freedom.

Side Bar: George Zimmerman is so deluded. He is racist and not even Anglo-Saxon. The KKK would use slurs to inappropriately insult his Latin and Jewish heritage (as they have done to others of his racial background). Yet, there he is on social networking with a picture of the confederate flag as his avi and is tweeting out racial slurs.   

I know a lot about race mixing, coming from a Jamaican family with mixed heritage on both sides. I also grew up in the South in America (Florida) from age 9 and know about race mixing regarding the "one drop rule." For example, two of my great-great grandfathers were Anglo-Saxon. One was a blond, blue eyed Brit, the other a blue eyed brown haired Irish man. My great-great grandmothers are black Jamaican women and under the race rules in the world, the children are black, even though some had white features such as blue eyes (my family is black to this day and I love and respect all the races that went into my genealogy, as well as all other races God made). Another example, one of my grandmothers was half Brazilian and half Anglo-Saxon Irish. With the way race rules are defined in the world, she was not Anglo Saxon/white as her Irish mother was, but Latin.

Therefore, Zimmerman incorrectly thinks he is white, but he is Latin with Jewish ancestry. Not to mention, his Latin mother, who is from Peru clearly has African blood in her (I know a mixed person when I see one). His mother is mixed with the same race he keeps insulting (that's self-hate). If Zimmerman did an accurate genealogy swab test, a percentage of his ancestry/heritage would trace right back to Africa (yea, I said it!). Once again, he is deluded to be insulting minorities, as technically, he is not white, though he thinks so. Zimmerman needs to learn to respect all races.