Thursday, October 15, 2015

'Empire' Loses A Significant Number Of Viewers For The Fourth Straight Week In A Row Since Lawsuit


The ratings for the copyright infringing Fox show "Empire" illegally stolen by kleptomaniac Madonna, then illegally sold to phone hacker and corporate thief, Rupert Murdoch, who fraudulently credited to fellow scumbag Lee Daniels, continues sinking in the ratings. This week the show lost another 1 million viewers, shedding 8% of its audience.

Thus far, since the lawsuit I filed regarding said willful copyright thefts and the invasion of privacy, harassment and assault that has been done in support of said criminal enterprise, the show has plummet from 17,600,000 down to 12,200,000 viewers in a very short space of time.

You would think with millions of people reading about their crimes via my sites, Congress who I wrote to publicly announcing they will review copyright law and the Department of Justice having responded to my complaint, they would stop the sick behavior, but they have not. A brand new high tech phone I bought and brought with me to London has been phone hacked by Madonna's hackers in America. My emails and laptops are still being hacked.

Madonna also contacted a big American company and had them engage in criminal acts of discrimination and sabotage in an effort to illegally destroy a business I've started in another nation that has nothing to do with the entertainment industry or her in any manner. Madonna also contacted Google and had them strip the paid ads from my blog recently under an illegal and discriminatory premise (a new lawsuit will be filed regarding that shortly).


As far as Madonna and her Hollywood cohorts are concerned I'm not allowed to earn a living. Kabbalah Center cult members they've sent to stalk me told me this to my face. They fear my first forthcoming patent regarding cancer coming out and go global, which would mean they'd have to stop stealing copyrights from me that is bringing them ill-gotten financial gains.

All I care about is helping sick people via said forthcoming patent because cancer is a dreadful disease impacting millions of people. It's very disturbing that Madonna and company are doing this when people's health is at stake. It is infuriating and disgusting.

By the way, they're still stealing copyrights from me. That has not stopped. I've said it before and I'll say it again, slavery never left America. It just took on another form. The slavetrade is alive and well in America and losers in Hollywood think it is something to be proud of when it is not. It is a mark of shame and disgrace.