Friday, October 9, 2015

'Empire' Loses Another 1,000,000 Viewers For A Total Of 5,000,000 Since Lawsuit


The ratings for the copyright infringing show "Empire" have dropped again. The show shed another 1,000,000 viewers. This brings the tally to 5,000,000 viewers gone since the lawsuit I filed and going public with the case (which involves the conduct of Rupert Murdoch, a man I reported to the police in what triggered the phone hacking scandal that sent some of his employees to prison).

Not only does the show "Empire" infringe one of my preexisting copyrights that I registered with the Library of Congress several years ago, some of the storylines and items on the show rip off original, time stamped articles I had written and published on the Judiciary Report before the show even hit the air. Lee Daniels is a lazy and vile thief, with no original ideas, who is using stolen copyrights to gain money and status in order to fiddle with barely legal boys in Hollywood, desperate to be famous. Hollywood is a sick place.

The behavior of the people in the case has been a horrific experience for my family and I that has negatively impacted our health and caused us a tremendous amount of distress. There is no necessity for anyone to do the horrible things listed in the case, but you can be assured, it all happened and is a terrible sign of what Hollywood has become.