Friday, August 14, 2015

Site Notice

 Sorry there was no column last night. I flew abroad and needed a little time to get situated. I did fairly quickly then Madonna's hacker began hacking my laptop for hours trying to block site updates, which is a domestic and international crime (they are disgusting and obsessed). I am helping someone who is very physically unwell get through a rough patch and doing business regarding my company as well. I don't need the time wasting, idiotic distractions coming from this sick, perverse, pathetic, criminal hacking Madonna keeps paying to have done like a nosy loser.

I blame the government for this as well, particularly the FBI for this vile, persistent problem, as they are corruptly refusing to control domestic criminals in America, who are not only violating American law, but international law as well, via hacking into computers in foreign countries. They just keep showing they can't be trusted to do the right thing. I am still working on fully updating the site despite the hacking interruptions (a few pictures are missing on the front page).