Saturday, August 1, 2015

Chris Brown Talks About Daughter Royalty, Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna And $50,000 Home Invasion Robbery

Chris Brown

Chris Brown did an interview with British hip hop DJ, Tim Westwood, in which he spoke about his life. Brown was asked about a number of topics, his favorite being his daughter, 1-year-old Royalty Brown. His daughter has given him focus and he states she has made him more responsible. 

Royalty Brown

He was also asked about ex-girlfriend, singer, Rihanna, to which he stated “She is my homie.” He spoke of their 11-year history and stated he is not jealous of anyone she dates. Brown was also asked about the robbery of his new Tarzana mansion, that left his aunt tied up and shoved into a closet and gunpoint and $50,000 stolen in a safe, among other things. Brown labeled it “Acts of cowards.”