Tuesday, June 23, 2015

South Carolina’s Racism Problem

Dylann Roof of South Carolina, standing before Confederate flags, began voicing and writing hateful, violent, racist statements, then acted on in murdering 9 black people in a Charleston church
The U.S. state of South Carolina has a problem with racism. The Charleston church massacre, where 9 innocent black churchgoers were shot to death by white supremacist, Dylann Roof, is more proof of this fact (9 Black People Shot To Death In A Historic Charleston Church In Hate Crime Perpetrated By A White Supremacist).

One of my brothers went to university in South Carolina in the 1990s and spoke of problems with racism that exists there, which he had not seen in other regions of America. My brother rarely spoke about such things. Therefore, for him to have stated that says a lot. In the Madonna case, one of her hackers, Randy Vaughn, who emailed me a death threat under a fake name from a fake email address, referred to me as a “deranged n*gger” in the hateful, hostile missive, for stating the queen of copyright infringement stole my copyrights (as she has done to hundreds of other copyright holders).

What is going on in South Carolina that there exists such a seething hatred for black people, with individuals in the state making death threats against blacks, with some even acting on them, as seen in the aforementioned church massacre. The Confederate flag, a symbol of racism, is blowing in the wind all over South Carolina, with government officials of all people, resisting requests to take them down. This issue has gone on for many years, with many people demanding the Confederate flag’s removal, but to this day it is still there spitting in black people’s faces.