Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Riley Curry To Dad Steph Curry: You Can’t Cook Bro (Video)

"Boss Baby" Is Running The NBA

Riley Curry tells her dad Steph Curry he can’t cook, preferring her mother’s food. Riley has spoken. She has decided. Deal with it.

2-year-old Riley Curry has taken America by storm after her adorable appearance during a press conference featuring her dad, Steph Curry, who sat with the press to talk about his win with the Golden State Warriors basketball team. Riley smiled, waved, yawned and when she’d had enough of the press conference and microphone amplifying her dad’s voice in her ears, she told him what they probably tell her at home, “You’re talking too loud, be quiet!”

Ayesha and Steph Curry

In her second press conference, Riley rapped Big Sean lyrics “I’m way up, I feel blessed” which prompted a blessing from the rapper, who tweeted on the social networking website Twitter, “God bless little Riley Curry.” Other cute videos include Riley doing her dad’s trademark hand gestures he makes after scoring points on the court. The smart and aware little girl has become an online sensation without even trying.

"Cooking with the Currys"

Interestingly, Riley co-starred in one of her mother’s cooking videos and she was a well behaved little sweetie pie, sweetly smiling at the camera. Ayesha Curry released a video with her daughter Riley helping her in the kitchen and it is a stark contrast to the hilarity that ensue as her dad tried to contain her at his press conferences. In short, it’s clear when Riley gets around her dad she knows she has him wrapped around her little fingers and can do what she wants. Riley knows what’s up. She’s a daddy’s girl. Even Steph's brother, Seth, joked about Riley after the press conference stating "Y'all don't know the half." How are you just gonna snitch on your niece like that (LOL).

Riley and Steph Curry press conference

Steph's beautiful wife Ayesha is also popular online. His his sister and mother, who are beautiful as well, are popular online as well. Steph's mom, Sonya, looks all of 12-years-old, despite the fact she is 49. It's hilarious reading tweets by men on Twitter trying to chat up Curry's mom and stating how beautiful she is to them. I can't imagine Curry's dad, former NBA basketball player, Dell Curry, is happy about those tweets (LOL). It's nice to see a happy, loving family doing well. The way the public has reacted to the Curry family is affirmation people appreciate down to earth people trying to do well.

Side Bar: I love Steph's wife's name. It's so familiar. Where have I heard it before (*smirk*).