Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bomb Scare Clears Out The White House Press Room

U.S. President Barack Obama

Reports coming out of Washington indicate there was a bomb threat during a press briefing at the White House, which is the national residence of the President Of The United States. President Barack Obama was not present in the briefing room when the bomb threat occurred, but the incident leaves many questions unanswered regarding what transpired.

White House press room evacuated after bomb scare (Photo credit: CNN)

For example, how does a bomb threat make it to the White House and have any credence. The White House is supposed to be the most secure place in America, with top intelligence. Why would the Secret Service, charged with protecting the occupants of the White House, feel the need to evacuate if the threat was not credible. Exactly how did this happen.

Side Bar: Did a journalist submit a tough question to ask Obama and the president phoned in the bomb threat himself (just kidding).