Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Top Executive Leaves Jay Z And Madonna's Failing Tidal

Peter Tonstad and Jay Z

After two short months on the job,  top executive of Jay Z and Madonna's failed Tidal music streaming company has left his post, after replacing Andy Chen, who also bailed on the troubled outfit. Peter Tonstad abandoned the bogus company, adding to the stream of employees that have made a run for the exit as it crashes and burns.

Drake helping to launch rival Apple Music streaming service, which has received a much better reception from the public than Tidal

A month ago 11 Tidal executives, including the company's chief operating officer, quit and ran from the beleaguered venture social networking and the press loudly labeled a flop. Jay Z and Madonna's attempt to rip off Spotify's business has failed. The market has become even more difficult for Tidal, with Apple Music's take on music streaming, pairing it with other items.