Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lebron James And His Hair Making A Comeback

Lebron's new thick, lustrous hair

I know I'm not the only one noticing that NBA basketball star Lebron James is experiencing a comeback on and off the court. After leaving the best basketball team ever, the Miami Heat, Lebron returned to his hometown and the Cleveland Cavaliers. James and the Cavaliers are now in the NBA playoffs.

Lebron James when his hairline was visibly receding

However, his hair has mysteriously returned as well. Lebron's hairline had been receding to the point even he was joking with people about it on social networking. Someone jokingly asked him where his hairline went and he asked the person to help him find it. But now it's back. So Lebron has a comeback on the court and a comb-back off the court. What kind of witchcraft is this (kidding). Seriously, his hair looks full and healthy. Good job.

Pretty soon Lebron's hair is gonna look long like this: