Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pebbles Shuts Down Rumors She Has A Secret Son With El Debarge



For the past few years, a man has been submitting stories to blogs claiming he is the secret son of R&B legends Pebbles (born Perri McKissack) and El Debarge. He even took Pebbles' last name calling himself "Sebastian McKissack." He took his mentally unstable, stalker behavior to new heights recently, stating he is going to publish a tell-all book on the subject next month.

Being a Pebbles fan since I was a kid, I found the rumors unsettling and did not (and do not) believe them. I did not like the reaction the lies were provoking from the public on feedback sections of various blogs, who were being duped. I even did an article about it several months ago. 

El Debarge

Last week, I tweeted to Pebbles about it on Twitter, stating I do not believe the rumors and the same was said about Janet Jackson having a secret son with a Debarge (James). However, it turned out it was Janet's niece someone mistook for her daughter, as the Jacksons have very similar features and have a very distinct look with the high cheek bones and doe eyed (big, brown eyes).

Pebbles responded to the tweet stating she does not have a secret son and does not know El Debarge, though she is a fan of his music (as am I). I hope this puts this matter to rest for the public. The public should not buy the forthcoming book, as it is not based in truth. No need to read a pack of lies. Sometimes people latch on to pretty female singers and actresses, making outlandish, untrue claims. Pebbles is beautiful and El Debarge is almost as pretty as Pebbles (El, you know you're pretty, embrace it bro LOL). 

Pebbles states in Tweet she does not know El Debarge

Either "Sebastian" was lied to by someone in his actual family, as has happened in other cases or he developed the scientifically recognized psychiatric disorder Erotomania, where one believes one is related to, married to or has a special connection to a celebrity, when in reality no such relation, relationship or bond exists.