Sunday, January 26, 2014

Love And Hip Hop New York Is More Proof Rappers Cheat On Their Women

Love And Hip Hop New York

Love And Hip Hop New York is so dysfunctional. Bisexual aspiring singer Erica Mena, her look alike girlfriend Cyn Santana and their crazy love triangle with Rich, the man underwriting her career is very convoluted. While Erica is still harboring feelings for Rich, who broke her heart, she is also using him for his money, as he is paying for her dance and recording studio time, as well as promo fees in attempting to launch her career (Was it just me or did the moment Erica tell Cyn to "look into my eyes" you realized Cyn is slightly cross-eyed and that was the best she could do to look forward).

Bronx born rapper, Peter Gunz, married his side chick, Amina, while still having feelings for the mother of his two children, Tara. He should have married the mother of his children, as that’s clearly where his heart is (he cheated with her) and the current situation will cause problems again for all of them if he doesn't change. However, as he has married Amina, he needs to stick with her and make his marriage work.

Violent womanizer Joe Budden, who was previously accused of beating an ex-girlfriend into a miscarriage, was clowned by the love of his life, butt model Tahiry, when he proposed to her in Times Square (New York) and she said no. Can’t blame her. The rapper has repeatedly cheated on Tahiry. No woman wants a ladies man she can’t trust. Tahiry stated she’s found foundation (make-up) from other women on her bed, after Budden brought them to their home for sex. That is disrespectful and another reason it is no a good idea to cohabit before marriage.

Budden had the benefit of a wife without the commitment. Then, when he offended her with his cheating and worst of all right under their roof, he began  rushing to marry her. However, Tahiry told Budden, “Love is trust and I don’t trust you right now.” Well said. If you love someone you should definitely try to make it work with them, but there must be loyalty. If he can’t be loyal, don’t marry him. It’s that simple.