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Google Sued Over Fraudulent Website Madonna's Kabbalah Center Published In A Rival Singer's Name Adding Child Porn And Inflammatory Items About Al Qaeda To Endanger Her


Miami Circuit Court Case #: 12-37728CA08
Judge: Gisela Cordonne Ely
Defendant Google is represented by Regan N. Kruse of Astigarraga, Davis, Mullins & Grossman of Miami, Florida as well as Robert Hallman of Arnold and Porter of San Francisco, California.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center published a pedophilic Google BlogSpot website with inflammatory comments about Al Qaeda, fraudulently and falsely telling the public the website,, belonged to me and is one of my websites, as a means of destroying my name and reputation, while endangering my life, in attempting to incite a dangerous terrorist group to violence against me. Tech giant Google has acknowledged being in possession of the identity of the Kabbalah Center member behind the illegal website, as well as another Kabbalah Center member, who sent me a death threat on Valentine's Day calling me a "deranged nigger" with the cruel implied threat to "burn" me to death in a "house fire."

Kabbalah, who are also known online and in industry circles as Hollywood’s “Illuminati“ includes Rupert Murdoch, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Steve-O, Lady Gaga, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Cara Delevingne, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani, Sylvester Stallone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Rick Ross and Simon Cowell and his artists, among others.

I have to ask the stars involved in Kabbalah, how in good conscience they can be apart of a sick religious cult who is into pedophilia and posting pedophilic images online in other people's names to smear and defame them. There's no excuse for that. The U.S. government is also investigating Kabbalah and fellow Hollywood cult Scientology for the human trafficking of adults and children and pedophilia.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, director and blogger, who has broken a number of exclusive stories on online that proved 100% true and correct later ( Therefore, I have a clear established track record of telling the truth.


I am the sole owner of one of the most valuable Copyrighted Catalogs in the world, which made me a target for Madonna, who has stolen from many artists, many of whom have sued her in domestic and world courts of law. Her entire career has been based on stealing preexisting copyrights from various people and using them without permission.

Madonna wearing custom made Italian "Illuminati" jacket, a reference to the cult, who prides itself the self-described New World Order

In September of 2005, I filed a formal complaint with the FBI in Washington, D.C. via registered U.S. mail, regarding Madonna, her Kabbalah Center (also known as Hollywood’s “Illuminati”) which experts label "a cult" and their private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, over the unlawful wiretapping, hacking, racketeering, identity theft and criminal copyright infringement they’ve been engaging in at my expense (and that of others). Members of Kabbalah wear a specific red string bracelet, making them easily identifiable. Madonna has publicly referred to herself as a “high priestess” of Kabbalah. According to experts on cults and the occult, "high priestess" is a term used by Satanic cults.

Satanic singer Madonna pictured with "satanic cross" on stage (top) and pentagram (bottom) from her music video, which are symbols of satanism and the occult

Several weeks later after checking on the status of the complaint, FBI headquarters told me to call the Miami FBI, who requested I come in for an interview in November 2005. After the first interview, the Miami FBI asked that I come in the next business day for another interview. Two FBI agents interviewed me two days apart.

Anthony Pellicano

During the interviews I informed them of the criminal activity transpiring against me regarding Madonna, the Kabbalah Center and their private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who is a member of the mafia, specifically the Colombo family. Madonna also has other ties to the mafia via a relative who was incarcerated for trying to steal money from actor Steven Segal via extortion, demanding profits from one of his movies.

Madonna and ex-boyfriend, current business partner mafioso Chris Paciello (pictured above), who still lives in Miami. Paciello was arrested during the course of this case for trying to run over a man in Miami a coupel years ago, which was revealed as a tactic of Madonna's private investigator, mafioso Anthony Pellicano. I first went public with the claim that two criminals employed by Madonna's Kabbalah Center tried to run me over in broad daylight. A year after I made the claim on my Judiciary Report website, the U.S. FBI and Department Of Justice revealed in court that it was a tactic of Anthony Pellicano to hire thugs to try to run over people with vehicles that stars in Hollywood paid him to harass and wiretap. It was done when illegal wiretaps and hacking brought up no dirty data that could be used to blackmail or extort people stars paid him to target.

Madonna‘s ex-boyfriend, Chris Paciello, whom she still does business with, moved to Miami in the 1990s and is a member of the mafia, who went to prison after he and an accomplice murdered an elderly lady during a burglary to steal cash and jewelry from her home. Anthony Pellicano did illegal work for Madonna and the Kabbalah Center, as well as Madonna’s managers, Fred Demann and Caresse Henry, who have since died in separate, strange incidents.

4-months after I was interviewed by the FBI, Madonna’s private investigator I complained to them about, Anthony Pellicano, was arrested and indicted on sweeping charges that include illegal wiretapping, hacking, racketeering and identity theft. Allegations I made verbally to the FBI and in print on my time stamped, copyrighted websites later appeared verbatim in parts of the FBI & Department of Justice’s criminal indictment of Pellicano.

The case went to trial and in 2008 and Anthony Pellicano was found guilty and sentenced to 15-years in prison. Madonna now uses private investigator, Gavin De Becker, among others, to do unlawful work regarding illegally spying on and harassing people. De Becker has since been sued in conjunction with Madonna for illegally spying on and harassing a man Madonna has been targeting in criminal violation of the law. In 2006, the FBI sent me a letter stating I am a “victim of crime.”

Prior to Pellicano’s arrest, in October 2005, I filed a formal police complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, England, via the internet, regarding Madonna’s business associate, Rupert Murdoch, who is a member of the Kabbalah Center that owns and runs, News Corp. In the complaint, I accused News Corp and Madonna of engaging in phone hacking, wiretapping, hacking and copyright infringement on U.S. and British shores. 6-months after I filed the complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, England (which I published to my website) they began arresting News Corp employees for phone hacking, among other things. It was revealed News Corp phone hacked the British royal family, politicians and football stars, among others.


Madonna and fellow Kabbalah Center member Jay-Z. Both have been sued by many artists for stealing their copyrights.

Half my family has lived in England for 40-years. A September 2005 trip to visit them in London, England was marred by Madonna’s criminal conduct towards me, when she sent members of the Kabbalah Center to stalk and harass me at every turn. When I returned to America from the trip, I filed the aforementioned complaint with the FBI that same month. Madonna was living in London, England and Los Angeles at the time (2005).

Prior to that, Madonna lived in Miami, Florida for a few years, which has been my home for the past 30-years. During the time Madonna lived in Miami, she began harassing me and stealing preexisting copyrights from my work, before I launched my website. I never did anything to Madonna. I don't know Madonna, never met her nor do I want to. For no reason, hateful, malicious Madonna has been repeatedly engaging in commissioned criminal conduct against me in bids at robbing and harming me in every way she can. She's even interfered in business and legal matters concerning me, where I'm the plaintiff, that has nothing to do with her.

Madonna and her producer, Kanye West, who has been sued many times for stealing from other artists, famous and unknown

Madonna’s illegal conduct towards me continues to this day, including attempting to lure me onto a radio show on Nova 919 FM via email under false pretenses to harass me in what was a tribute show she sponsored about herself, her equally thieving brother Christopher Ciccone inviting me via email to one of his events in Miami, getting famous associates of hers in Hollywood to contact me online on her behalf, sending famous associates to follow and approach me in public settings in Miami and sending mentally ill members of the Kabbalah Center in Eastern Shores, a suburb of Miami, Florida to follow and approach me in public on a weekly basis, accosting me with harassing and menacing speech and actions in conduct that is unwanted and unwelcome. I have repeatedly told them to stop, but they refuse.

Madonna (center) and Rihanna (right) have illegally stolen copious amounts of my PREEXISTING copyrights, such as songs, music video treatments, photo treatments, the movie Battleship (later confirmed to be a rip off), a perfume line and fashion line from my Copyrighted Catalog and used them without permission or payment. I would never have granted them permission to use or license these items under any circumstances. Under the law this is called criminal enrichment and it constitutes a number of felonies. Lawsuits on this matter are forthcoming.

Several famous members of Kabbalah have gone crazy under schizophrenia, due to the cult's sick teachings and were admitted to psychiatric wards. Those members are Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Steve-O and Paris Hilton. Several Kabbalah Center members have also snapped and committed cold-blooded murder in America and Britain.

They lure people into the cult with promises of a new and better way of thinking that will bring prosperity, money, success, fame and happiness, when the cult is actually under criminal investigation by different federal agencies in the U.S. government for serious financial and social crimes, having criminally stolen hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Kabbalah Center and its members teach new members they dupe into their cult, chants, phrases, symbols and practices that supposedly bring good luck and prosperity. They are also told to wear red-string bracelets to ward off evil and bad things happening to them. However, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, who were both in Kabbalah and wore the red string bracelets, died young of drug overdoses and experienced a myriad of financial problems. No cult or red string bracelet can save people from their dangerous choices or the bad that sometimes happens to everyone in life.

The chants, phrases, symbols and practices Kabbalah teaches its members is really brainwashing and when you join, they begin to financially, emotionally and mentally exploit and abuse you. Members of the cult are also used for sex, passed around to the point they've all contracted different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as herpes. Based on what has been said in the industry, a known member of the Kabbalah cult is also carrying the HIV virus (No, I'm not saying they all have HIV, but there is a high profile member of Kabbalah who does have it).

Google Lawsuit

Here is an excerpt from the email I sent to Google informing them of the illegal website with naked underage girls, which was published online to impersonate and defame me, in attempts at destroying my name and reputation. The full email can be found at the bottom of the page.

I filed a lawsuit in Miami Dade Circuit Court against Google over two of their anonymous users I’ve traced back to Madonna’s Kabbalah Center, regarding their criminal misconduct in posting a pedophilic website,, containing despicable images of naked underage girls and incendiary articles about deadly Al Qaeda terrorist group, Boko Haram, while illegally adding my actual blog’s banner from to the top of each page on, fraudulently telling the public was one of my official websites, when I’ve never had anything to do with it.

Google has since removed the site after I made a formal complaint to them via email. It took Google 3-weeks to remove the site, which is inexcusable, as the national standard is 24-48 hours for removal of illegal content from the internet. However, not before 2,000,000 people read it. My websites average 5,000,000 readers, some of whom probably went to the site thinking it was mine, when I’ve never had anything to do with the website www.NatashaMusica.blogspot.

I only found out about the illegal site by accident one day during a Google search. I was searching for my wholesome, copyrighted articles from the Judiciary Report and their titles to ascertain how they were placing in the Google search engine, only to discover many of my articles had been illegally copied and republished on the website, which was illegally impersonating me.

Many of my wholesome copyrighted articles were being added to by Madonna’s Kabbalah Center and mixed in with child porn to destroy my name and reputation. This was in addition to adding incendiary articles about the dangerous Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram to the site whilst pretending to be me, with the intent of inciting them to violence against me, which could have gotten me killed.

The Kabbalah Center is very sick, depraved and evil to have done this. I was informed by one of my sources responsible for some of my many exclusives on the which later proved 100 percent true and correct that Madonna was behind it and told members of the Kabbalah Center to carry it out. That’s the kind of unprovoked hatred and malice she possesses. was published online to destroy my name and reputation, via the aforementioned pedophilic naked images of girls, who based on the photos, appeared to be between the ages of 12-15. This could have gotten me prosecuted for something I did not do.

After a formal complaint to Google, the site was removed when they realized it was not mine and the content illegal on three counts - child porn, aggravated identity theft/criminal impersonation and copyright infringement of my wholesome articles the Kabbalah Center had mixed in with the filth and perversion they wrote for, trying to fool the public the site was mine, damaging my name in the process.

The site website also contained glowing articles about members of the Kabbalah Center, who I have slammed on my website, such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce, among others. How insane does one have to be to falsely and fraudulently publish a website in someone else’s name whom you keep harassing and ripping off and write glowing articles about yourself on the illegal site. That is crazy, desperate and pathetic.

Kabbalah Center Emails Me A Death Threat

A member of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center also sent me a racist death threat on Valentine’s Day calling me a “deranged nigger” with an implied, written expressed threat to burn me to death in a house fire. The email death threat mentions Madonna by name and matches the writing pattern of invasive, threatening and harassing emails I have received in the past from the Kabbalah Center, who included items in the missives revealing they are illegally wiretapping my phones and hacking my computers. In reference to the emailed death threat, the judge in the case instructed me to contact the FBI and I did last week via U.S. mail.

The Kabbalah Center is no stranger to threatening writers. After Rupert Murdoch became angry at all the trouble Madonna’s Kabbalah had caused him and his company, they ran a story about the Kabbalah Center phoning in a death threat to a mainstream journalist, who had published an article exposing criminal conduct by the Kabbalah Center. The journalist traced the phone number back to the Kabbalah Center.

NOTE: Ironically, yesterday, Madonna was slammed all over the internet for using the n-word on Instagram. People condemned her over her inappropriate conduct. She quickly deleted it. However, many people had quickly screencapped it and passed it around online to show what a racist she is for having done so.

Google AdSense Hack By Madonna’s Kabbalah Center

The Kabbalah Center hacked into my Google AdSense account, where I like other bloggers, derive income from running Google ads on my websites. The Kabbalah Center hacker manipulated a feature that is present in all Google accounts, which asks ad publishers such as myself to list the websites allowed to receive payments on one’s account using the exclusive, unique ad code Google assigns to each individual account.
The Kabbalah Center hacker broke into my Google account and banned my most lucrative website from receiving payments from running ads from my account with Google Adsense. It resulted in a million ads being run on the for a time that Google collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for that I did not receive any payment on during that time period.

The Kabbalah Center also spammed Google with complaints about my website the demanding it be removed from Google News, months after it was accepted into the program. As such, Google caved to pressure and removed the from Google News and Google AdSense, not exercising due diligence to discern all the complaints all came from Kabbalah, in trying to destroy my right to free speech and free press under the Constitution and to decrease my income, because my sites began making too much money in ad revenues for their tastes.

Calculating standard ad revenues for my site and back payments, Google owes me $25,000 and that is one of the contentions in the lawsuit (in addition to suing for the identity of the Kabbalah Center users who illegally set up the pedophilic website falsely and fraudulently telling the public it was mine, as well as sending me a racist death threat via Google’s G-Mail service).
Google is a multi-billion dollar corporation, yet they find it hard to pay me the $25,000 they owe me, after grossing hundreds of thousands of dollars from running on my high traffic website It is unconscionable. Google is in violation of their own “terms of service” and the contract I electronically signed with them when I signed up for Google’s AdSense. I upheld my part of the contract. They have not. Google’s conduct constitutes breach of contract, as well violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (Florida Statutes Chapter 501).

Google’s lawyer Robert Hallman telephoned me twice and based on his speech he confirmed they are in possession of the identity of those behind the criminal website and the death threat sent to me via Google’s G-Mail email service. When I informed Hallman I have all the evidence in this case, via emails and other incontrovertible data that proves the illegality of what transpired, he stated “we’re not disputing the evidence in this case” and further stated “I know you’re frustrated” over the sick impersonation and death threat.

However, Google is still withholding the identity of the Kabbalah Center members who engaged in these sick crimes. The Kabbalah Center is not worth Google’s name and for Google to continue to withhold the data gives the impression they are concealing the identity of a pedophile, because said individual is apart of a Hollywood celebrity cult (The Kabbalah Center).

Google Playing Games Requesting I Send Another California Subpoena

After a hearing on November 18, 2013 in the case, before the judge, Google’s attorney Regan N. Kruse stated I should file a “notice of production of documents” to obtain the identity of the aforementioned lawbreakers behind the death threat and the illegal, pedophilic website I indulged Google regarding this request and promptly filed a “notice of production of documents” and once again, Google is defying it. Google is now stating, via an email from their attorney Regan N. Kruse that they want me to obtain a second Santa Clara, California court subpoena (which is very time consuming) and send it to them. As you can plainly see, Google is playing games, though my life and safety are at stake.
I initially filed the case under what is known in legal circles as a “John Doe” lawsuit, whose purpose is to obtain the identity of lawbreaking individuals from entities such as Internet Service Providers or law enforcement.

However, Google openly defied the properly formatted, lawful subpoena the Florida court in Miami issued to them. Google responded via mail stating they do not acknowledge, recognize or respond to subpoenas from Florida courts. Google stated they only recognize subpoenas from the Santa Clara courts in California, where they are headquartered. This is just Google being difficult, legally evasive and attempting to flout their corporate and social responsibilities under the law.

However, as it is a matter of life and death, I went to great lengths to get standing and clearance from the court in Santa Clara, California to have a subpoena issued to Google from their jurisdiction. The Santa Clara court issued the subpoena and Google brazenly defied it (after previously stating in writing in a letter I have in my possession, that Google only acknowledges subpoenas from the Santa Clara, California courts).
I gave Google a generous amount of time, over a year via a letter, then two subpoenas to release the data in question, regarding the identity of the Kabbalah Center criminals that engaged in the aforementioned crimes and they have patently refused to release the requested information. What I have requested of Google is standard in many cases. However, to protect a pedophile in Madonna’s Kabbalah Center and other lawbreaking deviants in what has been described in writing by many as “a cult” Google has done the unthinkable in continuing to conceal the identity of a pedophile.

For example, under this very lawsuit I sent a Florida subpoena to Arizona based multi-billion dollar company Go Daddy, who hosts my websites. Within a couple weeks Go Daddy complied and released to me all the backend data and items relating to my sites, which were hacked by Madonna’s Kabbalah Center, via denial of service attacks. Not to mention, Madonna’s Kabbalah Center has been illegally logging into my Go Daddy server housed private emails, copying the contents, such as time stamped items relating to my copyrights and other proprietary data and illegally using them without permission, for undue financial gain.
Therefore, Google could have released the data a year ago, but decided they were going to protect Madonna’s Kabbalah Center, who is engaging in acts of pedophilia, aggravated identity theft, crime based impersonation and copyright infringement.

Google Was Obligated To Report The Illegal Site To The Police But Did Not

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Shortly after I sued Google in October 2013, the company’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, did a speech in November 2013, regarding pedophilic images on Google stating “We’ve listened and here’s how we’ll halt this depravity.” During the speech Schmidt stated Google contacts the police when they discover pedophilic images being hosted on their servers.

However, with the website hosted by Google’s BlogSpot, containing pedophilic images of naked school girls, no one at Google called the police. In my emailed complaint to Google I included links of pages on the bearing the pedophilic images and expressly warned them of my anger over it, how illegal the offending images are and to remove it at once. Three weeks later was deleted from Google’s servers/BlogSpot service.

Google Flags Anti-Pedophilia Public Service Announcement

To add insult to injury in an act of harassment, a Google tech department employee emailed me about my website complaining about a Public Service ad from the Associated Press that I found on You Tube (owned by Google) and ran on my site Sonustar News. The ad featured police in Boston, Massachusetts warning the public about a pedophile copying the photos of young students and uploading them to explicit porn sites. My article is located at

In an email dated May 1, 2013, sent to my site, Google wrote they forbid the monetizing (their Google ads running on an article) that maybe “sensitive, tragic or hurtful” knowing full well once you place Google ad code on a blog, it appears on every single page of the blog. You can’t instruct the blog not to run Google ads on certain pages of your site, while running Google ads on other pages. They also claimed their Google ads were “overlapping” the Public Service Ad video article I wrote featuring the Boston Police (the size of the video on the page was standard with parameters set on Google’s YouTube).

So this was Google’s way of telling me either delete the public service ad by the Boston Police, warning the public about a sick pedophile copying kids school website photos and illegally uploading them to explicit porn sites or we will punish you by blocking from receiving financial payments for running Google ads.

Last month, I emailed Google’s lawyers in this case for an explanation of that disturbing incident, submitting accompanying proof to their legal team and they have yet to explain or justify it (but they do answer all my other emails and I answer all of their emails as well). I am of the belief the public service ad in the aforementioned article I wrote got to the conscience of some pedophile working at Google and said individual decided to fire off that questionable email to me.

My article was perfectly legal, normal and wholesome, serving as a Public Service Announcement to warn my readers in the Boston, Massachusetts area to be careful regarding their kids’ school pictures.

Google Shareholders

To the Google shareholders reading this item, I want you to know, I gave Google every opportunity under the sun over the course of nearly a year and a half to privately resolve this matter and do the right thing, not wanting to damage the company by going public with what has transpired. However, as you can see, they’ve opted for abusing the legal process and engaging in legal gymnastics and fraud to continue to conceal the identity of a pedophile in a celebrity cult, the Kabbalah Center. I can no longer keep silent about this matter waiting for Google to release the data, so I can go public on my sites and rectify what transpired, as I was criminally impersonated and defamed online via the Google hosted website

How many times am I supposed to send the same company, Google, the same court subpoena, properly formatted and through the correct legal channels, even honoring their corporate request, only for them to brazenly and recklessly defy it and move the goalpost regarding their requirements that aren‘t even based in state or federal law. They are in violation of their duty to you as shareholders. They are also in violation of the law. Once again, the Kabbalah Center is not worth Google’s name.

Madonna And Kabbalah's Sick Conduct

Madonna and Kabbalah’s conduct towards me has been getting sicker and more twisted. The criminal court case of Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, illustrated how celebrities in Hollywood use private investigators to target innocent people, via illegal wiretapping, stalking, cyber stalking, harassment, death threats, malicious identity theft and bullying, in conduct Madonna has continued to this day, through other private investigators such as Gavin DeBecker, as mentioned above.

I’m a easygoing person. I’m kind to people. I give to charity. I help the homeless every week. I’m not a fame seeker. The only thing I’ve wanted is to do the work I love, writing copyrights and patents, singing, filmmaking, publishing articles and having a normal life. I did not ask for any of this:

Summary Of Criminal Conduct By Madonna And Kabbalah
1. Contacting Me Via A Radio Disc Jockey Trying To Drag Me Onto A Radio Show Tribute Show To Madonna On Rupert Murdoch Affiliate Station
2. Sending Me Invite To Madonna’s Brother’s Show In Miami
3. Sending Famous Kabbalah Members Up To Me In Public As Well As Contacting Me Online
4. Engaging Kabbalah Center Members To Stalk And Approach Me Every Week With Harassing, Perverted And Sick Speech And Actions
5. Hacking To Spy On Me In My Home Via Audio And Video
6. Stealing Published Copyrighted Materials From My Websites
7. Hacking To Steal Unpublished Copyrights From My Computers
8. Hacking, Defacing And Trying To Edit My Websites
9. Hacking My Bank Accounts And Committing Identity Theft
10. Breaking Into My Home To Steal Copyrighted Discs (Incidents Reported To The Police)
11. Vandalizing Items In My Home And Sabotaging Computers And Home Studio Recording Equipment
12. Tampering With The Brakes On My Car (As Seen In The Anthony Pellicano Case)
13. Placing A Murdered, Mutilated Cat Outside My Residence As A Threat
14. Kabbalah Member Carved Madonna’s Name On The Side Walk Outside Of My Friend’s Beauty Salon My Family Goes To
15. A Kabbalah Member Tried To Attack My Mom In The Toilets Of Chase Bank At The North Miami Beach Branch
16. A Kabbalah Member Harassed And Tried To Attack My Mom In The Toilets Of Aventura Mall
17. Sending Me Verbal And Written Death Threats And Threats Of Violence As Well As Abusive Emails
18. Cyberstalking Me Online, Harassing Me On Other Websites, Hacking My Social Networking Accounts And Registering As Me On Numerous Sites
19. Stealing My U.S. Mail While Opening Other Items Then Placing Them Back In The Mail Box Blatantly Opened
20. Trying To Physically Steal My Laptop That Does Not Connect To The Internet As It Contains Newer Copyrights (Madonna’s Kabbalah Hacked My PCs And Illegally Copied My Older Unpublished Copyrights And Used Them Without Permission)
21. Sending Me Emails Under My Family Members And Friends Names Pretending To Be Them
22. Contacting My Family And Friends And Harassing Them
23. Trying To Force Homosexuality On Me & Contacting Men That Express An Interest In Me And Harassing Them For It

1. Contacting Me Via A Radio Disc Jockey Trying To Drag Me Onto A Radio Show Tribute Show To Madonna On Rupert Murdoch Affiliate Station

I received a seemingly normal email consisting of an "interview request" from "Matt Gilbertson" A/K/A Dj Hans in Adelaide, Australia, from the Top 40 pop station radio station Nova 919, listened to by millions. He requested an interview about the Madonna case. I'd done interviews about the case before, so I didn't think
anything of it.

He gave very few details. Therefore, I emailed him back and asked what type of interview he wanted to conduct, "text or audio." He wrote audio. I wrote back stating I would prefer text, thinking to myself this would provide a paper trail, lest he engaged in selective editing at my expense, as I don’t want anything jeopardizing the criminal case regarding Madonna's aforementioned misconduct (commissioned hacking, wiretapping and criminal copyright infringement).

DJ Hans is a transvestite

He emailed me back stating "audio" is better for them. I emailed him back saying okay, so long as he understood the seriousness of the case (the criminal side of it) and kept the interview above board. I wrote that because I Googled his name and he came up as "Hans" apart of an outrageous morning show on Nova 919 (when I think Nova, I think science, but that's not the case here). He was on the morning show with three other people. I'm not into gossip and really wasn't in the mood for any foolishness regarding the case. He wrote back and stated the interview would be respectable, which turned out to be a lie.

Dj Hans

I found a feature on their website for a Warner Bros. sponsored contest of him searching for Madonna. The day before the interview I decided to check their radio station site to see what he was saying in advance about the interview and that two faced, duplicitous, spineless snake was claiming he's “getting calls from America” about the case regarding me suing Madonna and it getting to boiling point. He is talking on the air like I was the one who called him from America wanting an interview, when until he emailed me asking for an interview, I'd never even heard of the station.

The Nova 919 Morning Show Madonna and Rupert Murdoch tried to drag me on to harass me

When I heard the lead up to my appearance on the show, which was aired to millions in Australia I cancelled the interview and clowned them on my site read by millions (this ticked off the DJ no end, but he deserved it for helping Madonna harass a “victim of crime”). For that whole week Madonna and Warner Bros. were sponsoring a show on the radio station featuring Madonna’s family and friends, when I am neither. Yet she tried to drag me onto the show, in what is harassment. It is unjustifiable.

Even more telling, Nova 919 at the time was co-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch. As stated above, Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, whom I’d previously reported to the Metropolitan Police and went public with allegations of phone hacking, computer hacking and wiretapping against them, resulting in arrests 6-months later and again in 2012. The case is currently being tried in London, England, with top members of Murdoch’s staff under criminal indictment.

2. Sending Me Invite To Madonna’s Brother’s Show In Miami

Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone are two thieves

I received an email to my website inviting me to a show in Miami by Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, whom she used to aid her in stealing one of my copyrights for a book they co-published. I have clearly shown I want nothing to do with her or those involved in her misconduct, yet they emailed me the invite anyway, which is weird and creepy under the circumstances. I only go to events by people I esteem. Madonna and co. are not among them.

3. Sending Famous Kabbalah Members Up To Me In Public As Well As Contacting Me Online
Madonna has sent famous members of the Kabbalah Center to approach me in public such as Chris Brown (twice), Mike Epps, Redfoo from LMFAO, Louis Walsh and Andy Coulson, among others (ironically, the cult has been turning on Chris Brown for objecting to things he was asked to do, as well as Jay-Z's jealousy towards him). Madonna’s also had famous members of Kabbalah contact me online, such as her producers Timbaland and Jellybean Benitez.

Madonna's also had Diddy give one of my friends, a songwriter, his phone number to contact him about working with him. Diddy is in Kabbalah and is connected to Madonna via the label and movie studio she still has ties to, Warner Bros. As mentioned above, she also had her brother Christopher Ciccone send me an email invite to a show he was doing in Miami.

According to published medical papers online by notable psychologists, aforementioned conduct like the type Madonna is displaying is indicative of “indirect stalking.” I don't want anything to do with Madonna, never have and she needs to stop harassing industry people into contacting and coming up to me, as it will not make any difference regarding my terribly low opinion of her and her awful behavior.

4. Engaging Kabbalah Center Members To Stalk And Approach Me Every Week With Harassing, Perverted And Sick Speech And Actions

Madonna keeps sending members of the Kabbalah Center in Miami's Eastern Shores area up to me with harassing and invasive speech and actions. She’s sent members of the Kabbalah Center with threatening, crazy and perverted messages from her. They keep trying to force their sick cult and its mentally ill teachings on me, when I want nothing to do with them. They’ve approached me in libraries, book stores, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, Walmart, Target, parks and parking lots.

Kabbalah Center members have followed me to medical appointments, lawyers offices, an embassy, the FBI office, the courthouse, the post office - everywhere I go everytime I step out of my home. There are times when known members of the Kabbalah Center have been waiting across the street from my home, waiting for me to leave the house, so they can harass and approach me before appointments such as civil court hearings where I'm the plaintiff or going to speak with lawyers.

A Kabbalah Center member I’d seen before even stalked from Miami out to my homeland of Jamaica when I went home to film some material (Madonna’s Kabbalah Center hackers saw me make the airline ticket reservation online). He sat one row to the left behind me on the plane and stared at me the whole way with this crazy, wild eyed look (his eyes were open very wide).

When the plane landed, he was pulled out of the line in customs for having a bogus story and documents that were questionable (I asked a local police officer what happened). Jamaica is a friendly and easy country to visit. Many people visit Jamaica, an easygoing tourist country everyday. This lets me know that Kabbalah
Center member was up to something bad to use questionable papers and a bogus story.

Since the case began regarding Madonna’s illegal conduct, during trips to London, England, members of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center have stalked and harassingly approached me. I received a break from the Kabbalah Center harassment during my most recent trip to England in 2012, where I stayed with family for a few months. They only approached me a few times, as opposed to every week as they do in Miami. I suspect it is due to the phone hacking case raging in Britain that rebooted in 2012, with even more arrests against employees of Rupert Murdoch, who is in Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Center likely became afraid of what the Metropolitan Police might do.

5. Hacking To Spy On Me In My Home Via Audio And Video

Madonna’s Kabbalah Center hackers have hacked computers and a TV with online capability to spy on me in my home. It is the sickest thing I have ever experienced. I even wrote about it in 2010 to warn the public that hackers have the capability to hack TVs and monitor people in their homes, based on what I experienced from Madonna's Kabbalah Center. Two years later in 2013, the mainstream press confirmed what I had written on the Judiciary Report, revealing hackers are hacking TVs with internet capability to spy on people in their homes:

Your Smart TV Could Be Hacked to Spy On You

AUG 02, 2013 - LAS VEGAS — The next time you watch something on your Smart TV, beware, the television might be watching you too. As in turns out, just like smartphones, Smart TVs can be hacked and compromised. On Thursday, at the Black Hat security conference, researchers Aaron Grattafiori and Josh Yavor demonstrated how they found vulnerabilities in different 2012 models of Samsung Smart TVs that allowed them to turn on the camera, take control of social media apps like Facebook or Skype, and access files and basically any app on the set.

“Because the TV only has a single user," Grattafiori explained to Mashable, "any type of compromise into an application or into Smart Hub, which is the operating system — the smarts of the TV — has the same permission as every user, which is, you can do everything and anything." In other words, the hacker has your remote...

But sometimes, the best solution to avoid being spied on is an old-school, low-tech one. "When in doubt," said Yavor, "there's always a piece of tape or a post it you can put on the camera." ...

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have also hacked and turned on the audio (microphone) on my computers as well as webcam to spy on me in my home (Sadly, this is something sick hackers do). On one occasion, an insane, perverse Kabbalah Center hacker even emailed my website and told me what I was having for lunch at my desk in front of the computer. On another occasion they called my home office phone and told me I was at my desk drinking from a mug (I was).

Other times they have stalked me in public to tell me about the things they saw me do in my home (my conduct was not illegal or unethical). They’ve come up to me in public repeating verbatim private conversations that previously took place in my home between my mother and I.

Here’s the kicker, there are things I have stated to others over my (wiretapped) telephone, in my home and via email that Madonna later repeated verbatim in subsequent interviews. My emails are time stamped with dates preceding her interviews, where she engaged in this verbatim mimicking conduct, clearly illustrating criminal invasion of privacy on her part.

Madonna also developed a habit of quoting verbatim from my online copyrighted, published articles on my sites such as the Judiciary Report, inextricably connecting and identifying her as a reader of the sites. I am not a fan of Madonna's. Therefore she has no business doing this.

During an interview with the Daily Mail in London, crazy Madonna slipped up and made a sick approving comment about people secretly taking pictures of people in their homes without their knowledge, which is something she has hackers at the Kabbalah Center doing (surreptitiously hacking webcams).

NOTE: It was also revealed Kabbalah Center member Rupert Murdoch, via his company News Corp (whom I reported to police for phone hacking) and a subsidiary, hacked into Direct TV to spy on people in their homes via their cable/TV.

Some of the daily hacking by Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers, who work in shifts from the Kabbalah Center to hack different people, is flat out malicious and includes:

Hacked and sent a malicious virus to external hard drive containing my forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patents on AIDS and cancer. Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers sent a terrible virus to corrupt and destroy the data on the drive. But I have DVD-ROM back-ups.

Hacking and moving the mouse around while I'm working to make it difficult and time consuming
Hacking and corrupting software drivers to disable my laptops' touchpads (built in laptop mouse) which I have to reinstall (spread to the second laptop via corrupting a jump drive)

Hacking and corrupting touchpad drivers on my laptops to cause them to quadruple click items instead of clicking once, which opens multiple windows. Each time I reinstall and repair it, Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers send new malicious codes to my laptop and jump drive to corrupt the software again.

Began flashing my laptop screen when Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers wrongly assumed I have epilepsy when I don't (flashing computer and television screens trigger epileptic seizures). I was doing research work on it for a patent.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers hit the scroll bar up and down keys all day while I'm working online to make it difficult to read items online, close out browser windows and repeatedly shutdown my main laptop throughout the day and or disconnect me from the internet via hacking (The United Nations states internet access is a human right. Therefore, this conduct constitutes a human rights violation).

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers send terrible viruses to my computer on my birthday. Much like a member of the Kabbalah Center sent me a death threat on Valentine's Day. Papers by notable psychologists indicate malicious stalkers often do cruel things to victims on holidays and birthdays.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers repeatedly break into my laptop that goes online and installs trojans and keystroke loggers to illegally record everything I type. The illegal programs then began trying to transmit the data they illegally recorded to the Kabbalah Center over the internet.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers repeatedly install software to the recycle bin of my computer to "undelete" and copy the contents of items I deleted before logging onto the internet.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers repeatedly deleted my bookmark list that makes my work easier.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers spam Go Daddy, Google, Google Blogspot, Google Adsense, Adbrite and PR websites with complaints about my articles, using different names in each complaint.
Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers spam my sites with complaints, threats and abuse, using different names but all the emails have the exact same IP address.

6. Stealing Published Copyrighted Material From My Websites

Madonna has stolen copyrighted lyrics and music from my websites for years. I’d release it online, then a year or so later she’d steal them for her later released CDs. My readers have watched her do this and emailed me about it as well.

7. Hacking To Steal Unpublished Copyrights From My Computers

Two computer companies confirmed in writing that my computers are being severely hacked. The hacks were traced back to Digilink, a company that hosted the website. The minute I went public with that information, showing internet records to support it, Madonna had her website hosting switched from Digilink to another company.

Not only did Madonna steal copyrighted materials that I had released to the public on my sites and to disc jockeys, when she found out about my unpublished Copyrighted Catalog registered and stored in the Library of Congress in Washington, as well as on my private business computers, as seen in the indictment of her private investigator Anthony Pellicano, who had 4 hackers on staff at his Los Angeles office, Madonna paid hackers to unlawfully hack my computers and illegally make copies of my unreleased preexisting Copyrighted Catalog.

My Copyrighted Catalog contains 14,000 songs, 500 movie scripts, treatments and short stories, 50 television show treatments, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 1000 photographs, 100 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line, among other items. Madonna began criminally using and selling preexisting items from my Copyrighted Catalog to record labels and film studios at cut rate prices. I was never paid for any of the work they stolen and would never have granted them the right to use any of it.
A former head of state, who is a friend of the family and a lawyer, took a look at my preexisting copyrights and some of the LATER RELEASED infringements by Madonna and co. and confirmed it is a case of copyright infringement. Other lawyers have also examined my preexisting copyrights and compared them to the LATER RELEASED infringements by Madonna and co. and confirmed it is a case of copyright infringement.

The labels and film studios know how she illegally obtained the materials (they all visit my websites, as revealed by the Go Daddy program Traffic Facts which records the names of companies that visit websites Go Daddy hosts, such as mine). Copyright infringement is a domestic and international crime. Madonna is a known industry thief whose entire career, from her first song, was built on copyright infringement. Her career is a fraud and a farce of the highest order.

A lawyer informed me that my copyrighted catalog is illegally being passed around A&R departments in the entertainment industry thanks to Madonna, who have been illegally and knowingly using the preexisting copyrights without permission. Another lawyer informed me that Hollywood deemed my company a threat that would take bread off their table. So in conjunction with Madonna, who has shares in Maverick Records and other Hollywood companies, they did the unthinkable, engaging in hacking and criminal copyright infringement in the arrogant theft of my Copyrighted Catalog. They are the entertainment industry’s Madoffs.


Beyonce and Madonna are partners in crime. Beyonce recently praised her fellow thief Madonna in the Daily Mail as someone she aspires to be like. 

Madonna has illegally sold some of my copyrights to rapper Jay-Z, his wife, Beyonce and protégés Rihanna and Rita Ora. They have stolen so many items from my Copyrighted Catalog, such as preexisting songs, beats, films, music videos clothing line items, perfume lines, business plans and photo treatments.


My mom pictured (right) in top pic and in a solo pageant pic above.

Beyonce's December 2013 rip off video

Beyonce even ripped off a copyrighted photo of my mom from the 1960s when she was second runner up in the Miss Jamaica Nation beauty pageant (my mom assumed the duties of the winner when the winner was unable to due to family commitments). I've had these pictures of my mom on the site for years and Beyonce ripped them off a month ago for one of her new copyright infringing music videos. Take a look at the pic of my mom that says "JAMAICA" and then the one from Beyonce's December 2013 video that says "Miss JAMAICA Queens." The 1960s clothes (type of swimsuits, white gloves and dangling earrings) and the hairstyles are the same in my mom's 1960s pics and Beyonce's subsequent December 2013 video as welll. That's very creepy of Beyonce. For other Beyonce thefts of numerous artists copyrighted works visit:Beyonce Steals Again But This Time From Sam Cooke, En Vogue & A European Artist and Beyonce Knowles Steals New Edition's Video For "If It Isn't Love" and Butt Shaking Beyonce Strikes Again.

Beyonce illegally ripped off more copyrighted preexisting music and videos from my Copyrighted Catalog and released them without warning to iTunes and Amazon a month ago (she ripped off copyrights belonging to me for her previous CD as well). Beyonce's conduct mirrored what I stated six-months prior on Twitter, regarding what I intend to do with my forthcoming CD. Target and other retailers were furious and blacklisted Beyonce's CD over this conduct. However, I am an indie artist and releasing without warning and to online retailers such as iTunes and Amazon is standard in my genre, but not for a mainstream singer like Beyonce.

A tweet from my Twitter page dated July 13, 2013
Ironically, two months after the aforementioned tweet, an A&R executive from Beyonce's label Sony contacted me asking me to send them advance copies of my new music I plan on releasing. I was offended, as they were looking to steal more of my copyrights, as they were not sure which items I would be releasing from my Copyrighted Catalog.


Ignorant, braggadocios fraud and thief, Jay-Z, has stolen copyrighted music, videos, a business plan for a restaurant, a business plan for a hotel, a business plan for a music management company, a business plan for a sports management agency and a business plan for a sports team from my preexisting, unpublished Copyrighted Catalog, he gained illegal access to from Madonna. I gained an interest in music and sports as a child from my dad, who is a disc jockey and musicologist and was a professional athlete (football/soccer), turned football and cricket coach.

My dad had also worked for Puma and was assigned as the Jamaican rep to take car of Pele for the two weeks he spent in Jamaica in the 1970s. When I was a kid in Jamaica, sports stars would come by the house for dinner or to talk to my dad. Since the time I was a kid, my dad has taught me a lot about sports, music and using politics to help the poor (he's also politically connected and does a tremendous amount for charities dealing with the poor and disadvantaged). It gave me a great love of music, sports and politics, which I've channeled into my copyrights, private copyrighted business plans and articles online.

Two reports from computer companies who checked and confirmed my computers are being hacked:

8. Hacking, Defacing And Editing My Websites

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have repeatedly hacked my websites and blogs, defacing and sometimes deleting articles altogether that published the unflattering truth about her and other members of Kabbalah. Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have altered the text on articles to make them bold print when they shouldn’t be, changed the color and or size of text in articles, rerouted links to some of my site articles and the navigation layout sending it to the wrong pages when they don’t want the public to read items.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have truncated other articles to make them unreadable. Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers also routinely space out photos and text on articles to remove uniformity, in trying to make the blog look unprofessional and unfinished. Other hacks occur to slow down or stop new articles from being published to the Judiciary Report. It takes seconds to publish an article, but when Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers go on one of their crazy tangents, it can take a half an hour, due to attacks on my computer while publishing/sending the articles over my internet connection they repeatedly compromise/hack. This has caused some, not all articles to publish an hour or more late (due to having to clean up the damage from the hacks).

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have changed the spelling of words and names to make them incorrect, which becomes very apparent when the “local” copy of the articles on my private computers is correct, yet the version that appears online is wrong and has been changed by a third party that is breaking the law. Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers routinely delete YouTube, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and ABC videos from my blog so they won't appear on the site or attached RSS feeds spooled onto other websites. I keep having to repair the damage they inflict on my websites, in conduct that constitutes felonies.

9. Hacking My Bank Accounts And Committing Identity Theft

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center committed identity theft regarding my former bank account at TransAtlantic bank in Miami. The bank has now gone out of business. Her hackers spent $2,000 of my money out of malice via online shopping and didn’t even fill out proper addresses for the items to be shipped to. The companies they illegally used my debit card at reported the address fields on the orders were full of gibberish, indicating a malicious hack.

The identity theft was done out of malice and spite. This was a known technique of Madonna’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano when he was harassing people on Hollywood stars’ behalf, in conduct that is felonious.

More recently, Madonna’s hackers tried to break into my Bank Of America bank account, but the bank caught it before any damage was done. Madonna’s hackers’ conduct is so bad, it’s a big risk for me to even use online banking, a convenient feature the rest of the nation enjoys, as her hackers break into my computers everyday to copy and forward all data being written and to attack my websites.

10. Breaking Into My Home To Steal Copyrighted Discs (Incidents Reported To The Police)

After my PCs were repeatedly hacked, I began authoring newer offline copyrights on a PC and laptop that did not go online, to foil any hacking attempts. World governments and security companies use this technique to protect sensitive data and I have been left with no choice but to do the same. As a result, I have two laptops. One goes online to do research work and update sites. The other laptop with my Copyrighted Catalog and forthcoming science and medical patents does not go online and I have taped over the internet port on the unit to ensure this.

As a result, Madonna’s Kabbalah Center began breaking into my home on a monthly basis searching for the newer copyrights that weren’t being authored on the computers that have an internet connection (I routinely did one copyright registration per month, so they grew to expect it on a monthly basis).

The intruder would steal DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs I had burned the newer copyrights to and kept on my desk. One Sunday I notice the pile of discs on my desk had gone down in number and certain DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs with copyrights I burned on them were missing. I called the police and filed a complaint.

Several weeks later, Madonna began releasing the newer copyrights from the stolen DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMS under her name and that of other famous Kabbalah Center members and collecting massive checks for doing so, in criminal violation of the law. These items were already registered to me in the Library of Congress, well before Madonna’s commissioned thefts. I had/have back up copies of the DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs (that I carry in my bag) in addition to the copies housed in the Library of Congress under registration in my name, prior to the thefts occurring.

11. Vandalizing Items In My Home And Sabotaging Computers And Home Studio Recording Equipment

During over a dozen break-ins to my homes by the Kabbalah Center, select recording and computer equipment was deliberately damaged and sabotaged out of spite and malice (in addition to destructively hacking computers in what the law refers to as “Computer Abuse“ approximately $10,000 in equipment was damaged and destroyed).

What kind of burglar walks past expensive electronics and jewelry, to steal DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs stored on .20 cent store bought discs with my handwriting on them stating “Copyrights” and their corresponding dates. During some of the break-ins, out of malice, my baby pictures were stolen as well as medicine. During one break in, my favorite painting I had painted was defaced. What kind of burglar does these things. The Kabbalah Center is sick, malicious and hateful.

During one of the break-ins, my mother and I were at home and spotting the criminal in my home studio, she screamed for me to call 911 and he fled. On another occasion my elderly aunt, who we take care of, as she has congestive heart failure, was in my house by herself and the Kabbalah Center burglar, who had smashed the back window to my home studio, trying to get in to search for my copyrighted DVD-ROM and CD-ROMs to steal, terrified her, which could have resulted in a heart attack. He fled when she threatened to call the police.

The break-ins were reported to the Miami Shores Police, who told me the FBI told them to stand down in the case, assuming “jurisdiction” labeling it a “federal” matter.

Coincidentally, a few years ago, I had gone to an investigative agency in Miami called Kroll, who are security, computer and forensic experts, seeking help regarding Madonna‘s commissioned hacking, copyright thefts and harassing criminal behavior and that of her cult the Kabbalah Center. Days later Kroll informed me that the FBI told them to stand down. Kroll’s representative stated they had a former FBI agent, who works for them, call the FBI. The FBI told them to stand down because they are investigating the case and received my updates via U.S. mail.

NOTE: Years after the break-ins began happening and were put into reports by Miami Shores Police, Kabbalah Center bodyguard to Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and others, a man named Norman Oosterbrook, was killed by Miami Police after he broke into a home in Miami and began rifling through the homeowners’ things. In America, like most nations, is is a felony to break into someone's home. It is a serious crime.

Oosterbrook ignored the jewelry, electronics and other valuables in their home, rifling through the couple’s things, searching for something specific. Oosterbrook didn’t realize anyone was home. The wife called the police while her husband tried to hold him off, after a naked Oosterbrook charged at and attacked him in his own home. When police arrived Oosterbrook attacked them as well, forcing them to tase him. He died of a massive heart attack.

Kabbalah Center private investigator Anthony Pellicano was also known for breaking into people’s homes and stealing items such as private files and planting illegal surveillance items, such as audio bugs and hidden cameras and relaying in reports to stars in Hollywood what he heard and saw people do in their homes.
After my two FBI interviews in 2005, I sent the FBI updates in 2006 via U.S. mail, complete with police reports, regarding Madonna's Kabbalah Center sponsored break-ins to my home to steal more of my copyrights. In 2006, the FBI, via Kroll, confirmed they received the updates I sent via mail.

In 2012 during the News Corp phone hacking scandal, my previous allegations from 2006 of burglary to steal files and private data was confirmed, when a former Rupert Murdoch employee confessed to the Metropolitan Police that News Corp has special private investigators they call upon to break into people’s homes to steal difficult to obtain files and documents.

12. Tampering With The Brakes On My Car (As Seen In The Anthony Pellicano Case)

The brakes were tampered with on my car (that I’ve since gotten rid of). The car would shut off in traffic or the brakes simply wouldn’t work when pressed, which could have gotten me killed. It wasn’t until later in the Anthony Pellicano case that I found out it was conduct Madonna’s private investigator had engaged in, via breaking into and damaging the cars of people Hollywood stars paid him $100,000 to harass and wiretap. He would pay thugs to do this on stars’ behalf to be hateful, threatening and malicious. According to published medical papers online by notable psychologists, this type of misconduct is associated with stalkers.

13. Placing A Murdered, Mutilated Cat Outside My Residence As A Threat

Last year, my family and I discovered a murdered and mutilated cat outside our residence. One of my friends correctly assumed, as did I, that it was a threat. The cat didn’t appear to be run over or attacked by another animal. It had been ritualistically murdered and mutilated in conduct cults engage in. According to published medical papers online by notable psychologists, this type of misconduct is associated with stalkers and cults.

14. Kabbalah Center Member Carved Madonna’s Name On The Side Walk Outside Of My Friend’s Beauty Salon My Family Goes To

In 2012 someone carved Madonna’s name into the sidewalk outside the street in front of my friend’s new beauty salon that my family and I spend time at. It wasn’t there before, but one day all of a sudden Madonna’s name was deeply carved into the cement sidewalk. It was weird. Ironically, near that same area, a red string bracelet wearing Kabbalah Center member came up to me and tried to shove a Madonna CD in my face, then ran off like a lunatic.

15. A Kabbalah Member Tried To Attack My Mom In The Toilets Of Chase Bank At the North Miami Beach Branch

A member of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center that has stalked me, my mom and cousin three times (I have
pictures of him on my mobile phone for evidence) tried to attack my mother as she went to use the toilet at the North Miami Beach branch of Chase Bank where she has an account (located at 163rd Street in Miami, which is a main road that coincidentally the Kabbalah Center is on located on about 10 minutes down the road). My mother screamed which alerted a member of Chase Bank’s staff, leading to the Kabbalah member running past them and out of the bank. It was caught on surveillance tape and the bank later called my mom about the incident.

We’ve since seen that same Kabbalah Center member following us on two other occasions and at disparate locations. He tried to sit close to us both times. My mom is an elderly woman who walks with a cane, due to Guillain Barre, but this is who Madonna’s sick Kabbalah Center saw fit to target and try to attack as a means to get at me. They’re pure evil.

16. A Kabbalah Member Harassed And Tried To Attack My Mom In The Toilets Of Aventura Mall

During another incident, a Kabbalah Center member began harassing my mom in the public toilets of Avenutra Mall in Miami. She targeted my mom right in front of me out of spite, issuing racial slurs and getting physically aggressive. I told her to back off and called for mall security. When I did so, the Kabbalah Center member ran out of the mall.

17. Sending Me Verbal And Written Death Threats And Threats Of Violence As Well As Abusive Emails

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have emailed me death threats and threats of violence. Members of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center in Miami have also come up to me in public with mafia death threats and threats of violence. Considering Madonna’s aforementioned ties to the mafia, this conduct is quite incriminating and disgraceful.

18. Cyberstalking Me Online, Harassing Me On Other Websites, Hacking My Social Networking Accounts And Registering As Me On Numerous Sites

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center cyberstalk me on a regular basis. They’ve also registered my name and site names on other sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and MySpace, among others, to try to block me from using my own name and site names. They've pretended to be me as well (my real Twitter page is

I’ve seen internet message boards and comment feedback sections on blogs where Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have registered as me, stating outrageous, offensive things online, in trying to turn the public against me. They’ve made terrible comments on other sites, even putting my actual website link in their profiles and mentioned it on the message boards as well, in trying to fool the public that it was me, when it was not.

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center have emailed people pretending to be me, only for the people to come to my website and email me complaints regarding emails I never sent to them, that did not come from my websites.

Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center hacked into my MySpace and Twitter accounts. Thousands began following me on MySpace, which the Kabbalah Center did not like and began hacking and compromising the account.

Then I joined Twitter, which I log on to on a regular basis to interact with people, read jokes, catch up on events regarding my favorite spiritual leaders, politicians, athletes, musicians, actors and actresses, as well as promote my articles via links. I go on Twitter to have fun, not to have Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center hacking my account, repeatedly logging me out while I’m reading or responding to tweets, closing reply boxes when I‘m trying to reply to people, moving the mouse around the page and constantly hitting “PGDN“ and "PGUP" when I’m trying to read something. It’s sick. What kind of lunatics do stuff like that.

Due to the fact I legitimately gained a lot of followers on Twitter (over 22,000) Madonna’s hackers at the Kabbalah Center repeatedly broke into my Twitter account and began mass un-following hundreds of people I did not unfollow, hoping they would be offended and unfollow me. Madonna’s Kabbalah Center was trying to drive down my “follower” count via this misconduct.

How pathetic is it that Madonna/The Kabbalah Center, who buy followers from follow back services, begrudge me Twitter followers. Twitter emailed me stating my account has been hacked and to change my password. I now change my twitter password every couple days due to Madonna’s hackers obsession with trying to break into the account to do damage.

19. Stealing My U.S. Mail While Opening Other Items Then Placing Them Back In The Mail Box Blatantly Opened

The Kabbalah Center has repeatedly stolen items of U.S. Mail out of my mail box. Threatening speech by members of the Kabbalah Center, who have stalked and approached me in public, reveal they were behind it. They've bragged to my face about the stolen mail. They did this for a time, stealing my bank statements and other financial documents sent to me from stock brokerage companies.

Other letters were opened, read and put back in my mail box blatantly opened. I’ve been living in Miami since I was 8-years old and not until Madonna’s Kabbalah Center began targeting me did this happen regarding my mail. Prior to that I never had a problem receiving my mail  nor gone to my mail box only to find items in it opened.

For an entire year I did not receive a bank statement from TransAtlantic Bank, as they kept getting stolen in the mail by the Kabbalah Center. When I called to complain the bank stated they’d been mailing them out and to the correct address. I had to go into the bank to get my bank statements. Madonna’s Kabbalah Center was closely and illegally monitoring that bank account, as it had money in the high five figures in it, before I closed the account and went elsewhere.

Madonna’s Kabbalah Center was obsessively trying to find ways to illegally spend and or run out my money through criminal means (hacking and identity theft stealing $2,000 before they were stopped by the bank's software security firm). Madonna and her sick Kabbalah Center does not want me to have or earn any money and have gone to extreme lengths from hacking to blacklisting, in criminal violation of the law, trying but failing to make me broke. They even got me dropped from a tentative deal with Gibson Guitars, who had offered to put me on their website and a promo tour with Lenny Kravitz, as apart of their new artist spotlight. Madonna broke up Lenny Kravitz's marriage to Lisa Bonet and when she found out about the Gibson offer, she was livid and demanded they drop the pending deal with me.

20. Trying To Physically Steal My Laptop That Does Not Connect To The Internet As It Contains Newer Copyrights (Kabbalah Hacked My PCs And Illegally Copied My Older Unpublished Copyrights And Used Them Without Permission, Now Seeking My Newer Copyrights)

On two occasions members of Madonna’s Kabbalah Center tried to steal my laptop that doesn’t connect to the internet which house my newer copyrights. I carry the laptop with me when I go out, due to the many felony break-ins to the homes I’ve lived in, to steal DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs with my older copyrights on them. On one occasion in Aventura Mall, a known member of Madonna's Kabbalah Center quickly unzipped my bag and stuck her hand in the bag trying to grab the laptop. When I quickly turned around, she scurried off.

21. Sending Me Emails Under My Family Members And Friends Names Pretending To Be Them

Madonna’s Kabbalah Center hackers have sent me emails under the names of family and friends, pretending to be them. For example, when my sister was in France for several months and spent time in Paris, a hacker from the Kabbalah Center sent me an email under my sister’s mother’s name stating the subject of the email is the Paris trip.

When my sister visited Spain for a month, a hacker from Madonna’s Kabbalah Center sent me an email under my sister’s mother’s name and with the subject line stating it was about the trip to Spain. None of the emails were from my sister’s mother. The only way the Kabbalah Center hackers could have known about the trip that my family only spoke about over the phone, is via criminal wiretapping, something Madonna’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano was indicted and imprisoned for, via illegal conduct she continues to engaging in via other private investigators.

I’ve also received emails that Madonna’s hackers sent under my friends’ names but when I opened the emails, they weren’t from my friends. The only way Madonna’s hackers could know my friends’ names is from spying on my emails and phone calls, conduct her private investigator Anthony Pellicano routinely engaged in. According to published medical papers online by notable psychologists, this type of misconduct is associated with stalkers.

22. Contacting My Family And Friends And Harassing Them

The Kabbalah Center has been contacting and harassing members of my family as well as friends in conduct that is wholly inappropriate and criminal. They’ve contacted some of my friends pestering them with requests to harass me on Madonna’s behalf. The Kabbalah Center even made a threat about one of my friends’ son, demanding she help them harass me. According to published medical papers online by notable psychologists, this type of misconduct is associated with stalkers.

23. Kabbalah Center Trying To Force Lesbianism/Homosexuality On Me & Contacting Men That Express An Interest In Me And Harassing Them For It


Madonna (center) with her lesbian girlfriend Ingrid Caseres and her ex-boyfriend Chris Paciello

As many of you know, Madonna is bisexual. For years she’s had a relationship with a Miami woman named Ingrid Caseres. Madonna has bragged online about her sexual relationship with Ingrid Caseres. She’s also had sexual relationships with other women based on what is written online. Younger female entertainers she’s dragged into Kabbalah, such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, she pushed into lesbianism.

Via stalking, harassment and inappropriate speech, Madonna’s Kabbalah Center has been trying to force lesbianism on me, when I’m not and never have been gay. I resent their aggressive, harassing conduct. I only like men. I’ve never been attracted to a woman - ever. Each time Madonna's Kabbalah Center members approach me with some perverse message in this regard, I get the creepy feeling they are trying to “groom” me for something, as the term goes. Their conduct is annoying and harassing and needs to stop. Why are they trying to force homosexuality on people (a credible source responsible for some of my online article exclusives that later proved 100% true and correct, informed me it's a requirement for men and women in Kabbalah to be bisexual).

Some of the female members of the Kabbalah Center that have been sent to try to hit on me have engaged in such perverse speech, it’s repulsive. I’m used to men hitting on me, so I’m innocent, but not a prude, as sometimes men say sexually rude or explicit stuff. It doesn’t shock or phase me (after all, I’m also a blogger and we read pop culture stories, feedback sections and message boards, as well as watch reality shows to discuss them in articles). However, the stuff Kabbalah Center members have come up to me and said is sexually sick, depraved and mentally ill. A male member of Kabbalah also attempted to sexually assault me in downtown Miami by the courthouse.

Madonna’s Kabbalah Center even went so far as to maliciously send aggressive gay men up to one of the straight men, who expressed a romantic interest in me, as they deemed him a threat. Madonna and co. had become afraid he and I would get serious and out of nowhere started sending these aggressive gay males from the cult to repeatedly stalk, harass, proposition and yell at him in disgraceful ways. He became depressed. It's not the first time she's targeted men who've expressed a romantic interest in me, but their methods of harassing these men have grown exponentially worse. For some sick reason, they resent me having a personal life, which is a human rights violation. Madonna and Kabbalah have done this repeatedly for years and it's sick.

Ironically, a lawsuit in Miami filed against Madonna (DeCastro v. Madonna) alleges the plaintiff, DeCastro, is a happily married man and Madonna tried to sexually proposition him and he rejected her advances. DeCastro stated in the lawsuit that out of spite Madonna began sending aggressive gay men up to him to harass and terrorize him.

Due to what I have seen firsthand regarding Madonna sending lesbian members of the Kabbalah Center up to me to repeatedly harass and proposition me, trying to “groom” me in failed attempts at trying to turn me gay, in addition to what the cult did regarding the male I mentioned above, I am of the belief DeCastro is telling the truth.

Madanna is crazy. Someone doesn’t like her, so she repeatedly sends people of the same sex up to them to aggressively, sexually harass and terrorize them. What kind of sick, crazy person does stuff like that. I read that when Dennis Rodman dumped Madonna she began stalking him and checking into hotel rooms next to his and girlfriend Carmen Elektra. She would call their suite like a crazy person screaming “I’m ovulating.” What kind of nut does stuff like that. Madonna is clearly an irrational, unbalanced person, who cannot handle rejection.

To make matters worse, Madonna and fellow Kabbalah Center member Jay-Z have been gossiping about me to certain people in the industry and the lies they stated to them got back to me. That was foul, not to mention you are needlessly upsetting other people with lies, in bids at getting at me, while you criminally steal my preexisting copyrights.

I don’t want anything to do with Madonna or the Kabbalah Center. They need to stay out of my personal life. It is none of their business. How is my personal life remotely any of Madonna's business or anyone else in Kabbalah, especially Jay-Z. People often say it is women who gossip and it's true, but Jay-Z gossips like a woman.

Avoid The Kabbalah Center And Its Members As They Are Under Criminal Investigation By The Government

In closing, I advise the public to stay away from the cult that is the Kabbalah Center and be careful of its members, both famous and non-famous. They are engaging in serious crimes being investigated by federal government agencies. There is also a particularly dangerous and mean federal agent collecting investigative files on the Kabbalah Center and its members.

I would advise managers, agents and promoters to be careful of any association with the Kabbalah Center, lest you and your clients end up under the government's microscope. Don’t let your name end up in the file by getting into business with them or allowing them to offer you money and or other incentives to engage in unethical conduct. I've been told by a very credible source that Madonna's going around telling people involved in her misconduct that nothing will come of it. However, I wouldn't trust the government if I were you, regarding the Kabbalah Center's criminal behavior.

Emails between me and Google where they were informed of the sick website impersonation me and that it contained photos of naked underage girls, among other things. It took Google 3-weeks to remove the website: