Friday, January 3, 2014

Gabrielle Union Is Jealous Of Aja Metoyer The Mother Of Dwyane Wade’s New Baby Boy

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

The word around town is that actress Gabrielle Union is jealous of Aja Metoyer, the mother of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s new baby boy Xavier, who was born last month. Metoyer, 31, is also the mother of Damon Wayans Jr.'s two daughters. It's clear Metoyer is holding a grudge against birth control. Metoyer is a pretty girl and men obviously like her, but three kids by two famous men have people on social networking calling her a "groupie" looking for a paycheck.

Gabrielle is looking miffed in this photo 
As news was about to break about the unplanned pregnancy and subsequent birth, Wade, 31, proposed to Union, 41 and she accepted. However, Union fled town for the Bahamas when the baby story broke, to spend time away from the prying press and paparazzi. She rang in the New Year with a pained look on her face and a big, forced smile.


Aja Metoyer posing for the cameras at a public event (left) and pregnant (right). Metoyer is pretty and let's face it, when a woman is pretty it makes men do silly things, like challenge a boxer to a fight and get his face beat in (see: Gabriel Aubry, the dad of Halle Berry's daughter, challenging her then fiancé, now husband, Olivier Martinez, a boxer/actor to a fight and losing like it's nobody's business).

Aja is a longtime friend of Wade’s as his Twitter page attests. In 2010, Wade sent supportive Mother’s Day wishes to Metoyer and other friends on Twitter, commending them for being strong women. It was all above board in what was a friendly and kind tweet. Little did he know that three years later she would become the mother of one of his children. 

Dwyane Wade's tweet to Aja and other friends on Twitter. Based on his tweet and press release about his new son, he and Aja are good friends and it turned into something more.

However, sometimes people start off as friends and it turns into something more. As the Judiciary Report stated a few weeks ago, the friend zone is not always a permanent situation (Men Have Hope Because The Friend Zone Is Not A Permanent Situation). Sometimes it goes from platonic to romantic. Wade is personable and pleasant, two qualities women like in a man. Maybe, Wade and Metoyer were leaning on each other for support as friends and she slipped, fell and landed on his… (LOL ok, bad joke).

What do you guys want me to say. It is what it looks like between them. Wade is one of my favorite athletes, so I'm not gonna give him a hard time. However, Union is devastated at the news regarding Metoyer. She's wanted to marry Wade and have children with him. Make it worse, Wade’s sexual relationship with Metoyer happened during his relationship with her.

Aja Metoyer, pictured above, who has two children for actor Damon Wayans Jr., picked men who look somewhat similar and have the same initials (D.W.) with names that sort of sound alike. Was she missing Wayans and projected those feelings onto Wade.

Though some people have long engagements and their marriages turn out well, the Judiciary Report has maintained for some time that Union is dragging Wade down the aisle. They’ve been together for over 4-years and he showed no intention of proposing until a week before the baby news was set to go public, not wanting Union to be humiliated. She was practically begging him to marry her on television during an awards show.

Throughout his relationship with Union, he’s dated at  least three other women in Miami (one in North Bay Village according to the Miami Herald), which says he is not serious about her. Wade should save himself the trouble of getting into a messy marriage, via what is a relationship already showing signs of serious trouble.

Damon Wayans Jr. and his daughters

Marriage should never be an obligation or done to help someone not be embarrassed by a difficult situation. Marriage should be about true love. It should be something within you that has you certain you want to marry the person. Anything less is not fair to either person.