Monday, October 28, 2013

Singer Chris Brown Arrested And Jailed After Breaking A Man’s Nose For Trying To Enter His Tour Bus

Chris Brown and longtime lawyer Mark Geragos

R&B singer Chris Brown, 24 and his bodyguard Chris Hollosy, 35 were arrested and jailed yesterday in Washington, DC, as it is alleged two men engaged in photo-bombing, whilst the singer took pictures with female fans. The two women tried to enter Brown’s tour bus but were turned away.

The two men engaged in some sort of activity regarding Brown’s tour bus, via conduct branded "trespass" which led Brown to allegedly state, "I’m not into this gay s---, but I am into boxing." Reports indicate Brown was arrested for punching one of the men in the face, who tried to enter the tour bus.


Chris Brown's tour bus in Washington, DC outside the W Hotel where the incident took place last night at 4:50 AM

Entering someone’s tour bus, especially at 4:50 AM, without permission is no different from entering a person’s car or home without authorization. That’s private property. Brown has taken pictures with male fans before. Why did he object to these two photobombers. What was said that led him to make the gay remark.

Did they sexually proposition Brown, who has maintained that he is straight (after all, I've seen it firsthand where certain Hollywood cult members repeatedly send people to proposition straight industry members in trying to turn them gay, whilst attempting to groom them for their own sexual purposes, but more on that in a later Judiciary Report article, which will name names and leave you speechless).

Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran

Brown’s probation could be revoked in California, where he would face 4-years in jail, due to the 2009 Rihanna domestic violence case, for which he was given 5-years probation. Given the situation with overcrowding, in the event he is sent to jail, Brown would serve half of that sentence.

Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran did not take the news well. She commented on Twitter, "Hate waking up to bad news" and "what is wrong with some of y'all? Did y'all parents not love y'all enough? Y'all gotta quit w this negative s*** 24 f******* 7."