Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Man Sentenced To 35-Years In Prison For Murder Plot Against Nelson Mandela And Scheme To Drive All Black People Out Of South Africa Through Military Force

Boeremag also known as Mike du Toit
White supremacist militia leader, Boeremag, real name, Mike du Toit, has been sentenced to 35-years in jail for a 2002 plot to kill former South African President Nelson Mandela and drive all black people out of South Africa. Boeremag’s 20 coconspirators were given jail sentences between 10-20 years. Some were released for time served, while other accomplices remain behind bars.

Nelson Mandela
The aforementioned incident occurred in modern times (2002). This is now 2013. Everyone black, white, Hispanic, Indian and Asian should have the equal chance to succeed and prosper in society. Let the race hating and baiting garbage go. Work towards a peaceful, harmonious society based on just and fair laws.