Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Showdown Over ObamaCare Gets Ugly As Lawmakers Pull Funding (Video)

U.S. President Barack Obama and his Democrats are squaring off against Republicans in Congress regarding his ObamaCare health care program. Republicans in the House of Representatives, led by Speaker, John Boehner, has yanked the funding for ObamaCare, incensing the President.  

Barack Obama

Boehner slammed ObamaCare, stating it is creating, "More cost and inconvenience on the American people" while "the economy is barely eeking along." Boehner stated ObamaCare needs to go, "Before it causes anymore damage to American families and American businesses." Boehner further implored the Senate, "The American people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want Obamacare" in imploring his fellow legislators to vote against funding it.