Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thirst Traps And Sex


This year the term "Thirst Trap" became somewhat popular on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The term refers to a woman who tries to entice a man online, in seeking a relationship. However, women have been trying to entice men even before the internet. Social networking etiquette exists for some, others do not observe it. If a woman is nice to a man online, some, not all men, automatically assume it is a "thirst trap" - especially the ones that like that same woman.

Just because a woman is nice to you doesn’t mean it’s a "thirst trap" and she wants to have sex with you. Maybe she considers you a online friend. There’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong with being nice to people online. In most cases, if a woman is interested, she will let you know. Otherwise, automatically assume your relationship exists in the other internet place some men dread "the friend zone."