Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rihanna Gets Violent And Attacks A Fan In Audience (Video)

Rihanna showed her true colors yesterday, attacking a fan who was simply cheering for her in the audience. Rihanna, with her fist balled up around the microphone (was it even on) forcefully hit the fan in conduct that was disgraceful and uncalled for. That was just mean. Learn to keep your hands to yourself.

Rihanna proved the Judiciary Report's previous claims since 2009 regarding her being a violent instigator (see "related articles" below). She likes to start violent fights with people - from family members to her on and off again boyfriend Chris Brown, whose name is in tatters after the altercation that occurred between the two in 2009. Yes, he should not have responded with violence, but she should not have started the fight either by hitting him first (especially a man coming from a broken who with domestic violence issues).