Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chris Stokes And Marques Houston Are Harassing Me (Emails)

Chris Stokes

As many of you know, music producer Chris Stokes and one of his main artists, singer/actor Marques Houston of Immature/IMX have been the subject of child molestation allegations for the past few years. The allegations were made by former B2K band member, Raz B and singer Quindon Tarver.

When the alleged (*rolls eyes*) booty raiding tag team duo of Stokes and Houston, were accused of this misconduct against children, the Judiciary Report and many other socially conscious sites online did not keep quiet. Apparently, in Stokes and Houston's eyes, we should have shut up.

A year ago, while I was in London, trying to enjoy my delicious Marks & Spencer cheese and onion sandwiches, Sainsburys fresh fruit salads and Tesco horsemeat in peace (I still love you Tesco) here comes this email from a legal representative stating he is acting on behalf of Chris Stokes. He stated the contents of the Judiciary Report articles on Stokes were defamatory - a first for the site - and he wanted them removed or he will file a lawsuit (a legal case doesn‘t scare me, as I haven‘t done anything wrong).

In the 12 years I’ve been writing articles online, no one has ever accused me of defamation and or asked that an article that is alleged to be defamatory be removed. I don’t do take down requests and I am careful with people‘s reputations. If I wrote something it is with reason.

I responded to the email from Stokes’ rep with a strongly worded missive, indicating I will not remove the items in question from the site, as Stokes needs to address it from the source of the allegations - his former artists alleging he molested them as children.


A whole year passed and nothing from Stokes and company. Then, in May 2013 (last month) I did a follow up on the BBC pedophilia scandal the Judiciary Report broke first in 2009, alleging there are pedophiles at the BBC mixed in with law abiding people at the network (Pedophilia At The BBC Comes To Light Just As The Site Predicted With Arrests In Jimmy Savile Scandal).

Within a few days, Stokes, who clearly got jumpy, had a lawyer send me a new email with basically the same contents, but this time adding Marques Houston’s name, alleging the articles I authored, based on Raz-B and Quindon Tarver’s allegations of molestation, are defamatory and they will sue if they are not removed. Once again, I responded in writing, stating they will not be removed, as Stokes has not disproved the allegations and under established case law, websites and blogs are allowed to re-report items from other published stories.

I did not originate the story/allegations, Raz-B and Tarver did and I have to be frank, at this point in time, I still do not believe Stokes or Houston. I informed them if they wish to sue, they are free to do so. Child molestation allegations are serious. It’s not something to be swept under the rug. It should be investigated by the federal government, who has legal jurisdiction in such matters.

After I read and responded to the aforementioned email, I did a brief Google search and it turns out, Stokes is also targeting rapper/reality star Ray-J, IP617FM.COM also known as IP617RadioTV and the Straight From The A blog. So many websites and blogs carried the same story with the same general response and are not being sued. Even acclaimed Vibe magazine carried the story, with Tarver's account of what transpired. However, the Vibe magazine went out of business due to revenue problems, with the article remaining online to this day, but there’s no money for Stokes to get from them.

Quindon Tarver

Based on published reports of a lawsuit against him, it’s obvious Stokes is having money problems and is looking for some quick cash to finance his next film "Captivity." He’s been going around Hollywood trying to raise money and it’s not going well. Stokes was recently sued for borrowing $10,000 from a woman for his kiddie film "Battlefield America" and never repaid her in one month as promised (as reported by TMZ). In fact, he never repaid her at all. The movie flopped.

I am not helping Stokes finance one of his wack movies, via a potential lawsuit against me that is without merit and flying in the face of established case law. Stokes is not the first accused pedophile that contacted the Judiciary Report requesting an item be removed, after being written about in an article on the site that re-reported allegations from another published piece.

I didn’t remove an article for anyone else, why would I do that for Stokes, someone I have serious doubts about. Society loathes crimes against children. His former artists allegations necessitates a federal inquiry, especially considering the fact Stokes keeps working with young boys ("Battlefield America" is full of little boys).

Here is a copy of the most recent email exchange, where I responded to Stoke's lawyer a few days ago:

Here’s the email Stokes lawyer sent last month: