Friday, June 7, 2013

Basketball Wives LA Star Draya Ripped To Shreds On Twitter When Q&A Session Goes Wrong

Draya hitting the bottle

The poor folks over at BET thought they were doing something good in holding a question and answer session on Twitter with "Basketball Wives LA" reality star Draya Michele. However, it went very wrong. People began sending tough questions for Draya, who is known for posing naked, having sex with R&B stars like Chris Brown and rappers like French Montana, among others, many, many others.

Draya and her son

Draya is also known for being arrested for child endangerment in 2010 regarding leaving her son alone for days without any food, while she worked the local pole at the strip club. People on Twitter made the incident the brunt of their insults, labeling her a bad mother.

Draya looking...

Some were stunned at the reaction from the public. However, the public is tired of stars with no talent, taking their clothes off on television and the internet for fame and attention. It’s not entertainment. Not to mention, shall be a source of great embarrassment, shame and teasing for their children in the future.