Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deadly Terrorist Attack On British Soldier In South London (Video)

A brutal, grisly terrorist attack occurred yesterday in Woolwich, South London (Britain). A solider was stabbed and hacked to death by two Muslim men complaining about the British army, which has a unit in Woolwich. The soldier was hit by a car, butchered with knives and meat cleavers in front of horrified onlookers, then dragged into the middle of the street.


Terrorist's hands covered in blood of soldier, as he holds meat cleavers

Police were summoned and the two men tried to attack them as well and were subsequently shot. The British government is treating the incident as a terrorist attack and understandably so. South London is a nice place. I spent a lot of time there last year and always felt safe. It is obvious this soldier was targeted. This was a senseless attack that will not garner sympathy from decent people. The Judiciary Report sends its condolences to the soldier’s family and friends.