Saturday, September 1, 2012

U.S. Economy Is Stagnating In A Troubling Pattern And Cycle Of Corruption

Barack Obama

The latest numbers released on the U.S. economy shows stagnation in the job market. Millions are still out of work, but fluctuation in numbers is often dependent on which company goes bust that week or decides to lay off workers to avoid calamity. In some cases, companies are streamlined to show a profit on the stock market, which really is not growth, but a reduction in expenses at the expense of the working class who are let go from their jobs.

The U.S. economy needs a complete rearrangement if it is to come out of this terrible financial crisis. Old practices must go. New laws need to be enacted and companies should be forced to return stimulus funds to the taxpayers they did not use to stimulate the U.S. economy, opting to hoard or hide it off shore to the tune of several hundred billion dollars.

The government is using a weak hand with the corporate sector, letting them get away with murder, with very poor results to show for it. High ranking government officials think they are doing their friends and cronies a favor in allowing this theft and corruption, but what they are doing is contributing to the destruction of what was the most prosperous economy in the world. The whole nation is suffering because of a handful of unethical, greedy folks in the corporate sector.