Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is The Obama Presidential Campaign Strong Enough To Capture The Public's Attention

Barack Obama: I'm running on jobs, no, actually I'm running on empty
Obama's campaign strategists are not doing a very good job of reaching the American public for the 2012 election. His ads have been weak and he's not running on any real platform. Rival Mitt Romney's platform is job creation, which is a solid goal. Romney also had the element of newness on his side, with the attention grabbing announcement of running mate Paul Ryan and his wife's endearing speech about their marriage. 

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

There's nothing striking putting Obama out there and his campaign managers have failed to remedy this issue. The Judiciary Report does not understand why his campaign has no central theme that is being brought home to the public. This is most likely due to the administration sweating over the economy. But one can't go out there and simply say trust me, I need four more years. That's not good enough.