Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Usain Bolt Made A Humorous Appearance On 'The Jonathon Ross Show' In London

Usain Bolt on the "The Jonathon Ross Show"

Jamaican Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt, made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show and the interview was really funny. He made jokes about his family and fans, particularly people trying to informally race him in public, convinced they can go faster than he can, which prompts a comical response from him.


Jonathan Ross trying to dance

Bolt also tries to teach Ross how to dance, who ends up producing some of the most ill-coordinated and terrifying movements set to music, which look nothing like the original steps he was taught. Television shows should have warnings in such cases such as, "Extremely bad dancing ahead."

Usain Bolt

Ross also does a hilarious, but exaggerated take on the accent of Manchester United FC manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Ross stated as Ferguson, "Useen, mi wee laddy, we want you to come out here and play at Man U-knighted." Translation: "Usain, my young man, we want you to come out here and play at Man United." Ross, I see a football boot to the forehead in your future (just ask Becks).