Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There Is Talk Of A Prince Harry Sex Tape Stemming From The Las Vegas Nude Photo Scandal

Prince Harry in Las Vegas this month

Prince Harry's visit to Las Vegas, Nevada this month, which resulted in photos being splashed all over the press featuring the royal nude, is said to be only the beginning. Reports indicate there exists video of Prince Harry nude, partying with 15 naked women in his hotel room, after he convinced them to strip with 10 men present. What took place is the equivalent of an orgy.  

Two years ago, the Judiciary Report stated the cult Kabbalah, affiliated with phone hacking Rupert Murdoch at News Corp and Harvey Levin at TMZ, the latter having posted the nude photos, have Princes Harry and William under surveillance

The fact of the matter is Prince Harry was being watched by them the entire time he was in Las Vegas. They saw an opening,  due to his merry mood and partying and went for it, in what was a set up that has led to an unprecedented security breach. No member of the royal family has been caught in such a scandal with photographic and video evidence as proof.