Friday, August 31, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Constant Thefts And Reckless Car Accidents Is A Blight On The Legal System’s Name And Image

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is in trouble once again. Not only has she met in another car accident, she ran up a $45,000 bill at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont hotel and has skipped out on the bill, refusing to pay. The hotel has made demands for payment, which she has refused and as such, has been banned.

Lohan reportedly made $300,000 to star in the TV movie "Liz and Dick" about the late Elizabeth Taylor. However, she has been spending money like a billionaire, when she was broke prior to shooting and living off credit.

Lohan also got into trouble for stealing valuable jewelry from the home of a man she’d met and attended a party at his property. Once again, like she always does, she blamed a black person for the theft, this time Suge Knight’s son, who denied the claims.

Lindsay’s wrap sheet for theft is substantial. In separate incidents Lohan has stolen $2,000,000 in baubles from a Beverly Hills jeweler, $3,000 in jewelry from a clothing store in Venice Beach, a $10,000 fur coat from a club, thousands in clothes from a friend who is a model, a Rolex watch, an expensive tanning lotion copyright/patent and copyrights music.

Lohan is a disgrace and should not be famous. There are so many actresses out there willing to work without getting into all this trouble. Lohan's outrageous sense of entitlement is appalling and it all stemmed from that Kabbalah cult she joined, which teaches members they are the center of the universe and to steal all they can from others.

Their conduct has humiliated the judicial system as Americans and world citizens look on and shake their heads that these criminals are allowed to remain free in conduct that would have gotten most people locked up. They are not worth the government or judicial system’s name.