Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guy Ritchie Picked A New Girlfriend That Is The Exact Opposite Of Madonna

Guy Ritchie and girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley 

Guy Ritchie, the ex-husband of crazy fellow Kabbalah cult member, Madonna, has chosen a woman that is the complete opposite of her. Jacqui Ainsley, who he has been shacking up with, living in sin, is a pretty, young, lithe model, who is carrying another baby for him. 

Ainsley gave birth to a son for Ritchie last year and is with child again. This means they are having sex, something Madonna refuses to accept. The Judiciaryt Report has it on very good authority, Madonna loathes Ainsley, as she is a woman that really had no real money or connections, but Ritchie chose to be with her. 

Guy Ritchie and girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley at ttheir London home in Fitzrovia, as reported by Ritchie never looked that happy (or happy at all for that matter) when he was with Madonna.
Whereas with unfortunate looking Madonna, he had to be offered a career in Hollywood and the trappings of wealth to finally marry the witch, which ended very badly. Ritchie recently bought a home London's Fitzrovia, with money that came from his divorce settlement from Madonna, to live with Ainsley, who is quite smitten with him. She is living in luxury, thanks to Madonna. I guess Jacqui should wave at the mean witch and say thanks for being such a sucker.

Ritchie also has Ainsley around his son he has with Madonna, who some in the industry state is already gay, due to his mother's friends and back up dancers she spends time with in her kids presence. How long will it be before Ritchie has his son calling Ainsley "mummy" (which is British speak for "mom").

Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsely on a previous vacation with Madonna's son
At the end of the day, Ritchie never should have married Madonna, because he did not love her and resisted going down the aisle with her for quite a while and with good reason. Look how it all ended - an acrimonious divorce and public fights, due to a madwoman that spied on him no end (he cheated during the marriage) and tried to control his every move with a sick cult. Since then, several other men have dumped her as well. She is unbearably insane and deranged. No one wants that in a relationship.