Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some Democrats In Washington Do Not Want President Obama To Be The Candidate For Their Party In The Election


Barack Obama

Word in Washington is some Democrats do not want President Barack Obama to represent their party in the forthcoming presidential election, slated to be held this November. A number of Democrats fear Obama is going to lose the election, due to the poor performance of the economy and controversial political positions he holds on social issues.


Mitt Romney

Romney is coming at Obama with everything in the arsenal, touting his experiencing in governing as former Governor of Massachusetts and his moneymaking abilities from years in the financial sector. Democrats fear this will be the one two punch that results in a TKO against Obama at the polls. For his part, Obama is doing very little to assuage those fears, by making very unpopular decisions that are socially and financially risky. It's like the president has been brainwashed.