Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scout Willis Is Following In Her Mother's Footsteps Of Being A Drug Addict And Alcoholic

Grumpy and snarling Demi Moore  

The arrest of Scout Willis, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' 20-year-old daughter, for underage drinking in a New York subway and presenting police with a fake ID when questioned, is a reminder of the perils of kids imitating their parents. Demi Moore has used drugs and alcohol over the years, so much so she needed rehab.

Scout Willis

A few months ago, Moore had a well publicized collapse in the presence of her oldest daughter, due to taking drugs. She was rushed to the hospital after falling into an unresponsive state, in trying to take a party drug used by young people. Moore's daughter Scout is an alcoholic, who is also into illegal narcotics, such as MDMA, as evident by her tweets on Twitter admitting to said misconduct. 

Demi Moore's adult "Children of the Corn"

Scout Willis also public stated on Twitter that she hates her parents. Yes, more Hollywood dysfunction, while Demi Moore pretends for the cameras. If she'd spend less time chasing men young enough to be her son, she'd have more time to dedicate to her children. Moore is an embarrassment to her kids, constantly trying to pretend she is 18, dressing like a young prostitute and chasing down every teenage trend that hits pop culture. Learn to age gracefully and pay attention to your kids.