Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cougar Demi Moore Wants More Plastic Surgery In A Bid To Win Ashton Kutcher Back

But Will It Work

Demi Moore (Photo Courtesy of Flynet)

Kabbalah cougar, Demi Moore, 49, wants more plastic surgery to try to win back her cheating husband, Ashton Kutcher, 34. As it stands, Moore is rapidly approaching 50, which she is very self-conscious about and is seeking surgeons to help her cope with this milestone and improve her aging appearance to Kutcher. 

A mean looking Moore

However, it will not work. Kutcher likes having sex with women in their twenties and thirties, which his shallow Hollywood friends encourage. He also does not want to be married to Moore anymore. The Judiciary Report was told Kutcher grew tired of sitting around playing house with Moore, sharing strange, tasteless Hollywood meals that was supposed to keep her young and became exasperated with the responsibility of playing step-father to her daughters, who are closer to his age than hers. 

Ashton Kutcher leaving the club with three young women, who went into his car

It was widely stated in Hollywood, the marriage was a business arrangement for Kutcher, but Moore had feelings for him from the start that he did not share, but used money and fame to trap and control him. He was looking for career advancement out of the deal that spectacularly fell apart because he refused to keep his zipper shut when around young bimbos and when it became clear to him he was a mainstream star in his own right, he dumped her.