Wednesday, May 2, 2012

President Obama Slammed By Navy Seals And Mitt Romney For Using Osama Bin Laden In Political Ad

Obama: It's my commercial and I'll put whatever I want to in it!  

U.S. President Barack Obama has been slammed by Navy Seals and political challenger, former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, for using the killing of terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, in a political ad, while pitching for a second term in office at the White House. It is a sore point for Navy Seals, who deemed the raid an important victory for America, after the September 11th terrorist attacks orchestrated by Bin Laden, devastated New York City. 

However, no one should be surprised Obama used Osama's defeat in the ad. With all due respect, what else was going to use as a selling point. Solyndra? No. The economy? No. The housing market? No. The aforementioned are all in bad shape. Politicians always play up their victories during campaign season. You run on your victories, not defeats. It was to be expected, but I can see why it would cause upset among members of the military.