Friday, May 4, 2012

Polls Indicate These Are Obama's Last Few Months In Office But He Does Not Agree

Barack Obama

Polls are indicating U.S. President Barack Obama is set for defeat in the upcoming presidential election. Obama has had a challenging presidency thus far. He inherited a terrible economy from former President George W. Bush and sadly made it worse with massive spending that added $5 trillion to the national deficit. This week, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Democrat, Alan Greenspan, stated Obama not tackling the deficit was his biggest mistake. It certainly was one of his bigger mistakes.

Frugality in the federal government would have come in really handy, but the Obama Administration's mantra has been the old phrase, "You've got to spend money to make money." But spending money you don't have on risky ventures, such as green initiatives, did not pan out (and the Judiciary Report stated it wouldn't from the start).

Alan Greenspan

America would have gotten a better environmental return in said green realm, simply by doing what Britain has done, in investing more in public recycling trash cans in major cities and given incentives to people that take public transport and cycle, instead of drive. It would have been a good start until additional funds became available in the event the economy improved.

As it stands, the government is scaring businesses away. Obama has refused to give American corporate giants clemency in bring nearly a trillion dollars back to America, after they went abroad seeking a lower tax rate. As a result, other nations have and continue to richly profit from U.S. companies' funds abroad, as said corporate giants are paying taxes in foreign nations and hiring abroad as well for their *cough* "headquarters."


Presidential challenger Mitt Romney

Giving corporations a fair tax rate would give many reason to keep or return their businesses to the United States, but the government is playing hardball with them, when the ball really is not in their court to do so. However, individuals that are wealthy should face a slight tax increase on their income to help out during the financial crisis that some of them helped to create via greed and gouging the public in their job posts.