Monday, May 21, 2012

Guy Ritchie Has Totally Forgotten About Madonna With New Girlfriend And Baby


Madonna pictured above. I wondered at times if Guy Ritche knew he had married a man, Madonna and was in a homosexual relationship (LOL).

Guy Ritchie has completely forgotten about ex-wife Madonna, who fronts the Kabbalah cult, moving on with a new girlfriend and baby. Years ago reports indicated Ritchie did not want to marry Madonna, but she tricked him into marriage by getting pregnant, which nearly ended in disaster, when her pregnancy went awry, causing significant fetal distress. 

Guy Ritche and Jacqui Ainsley

Ritchie, who has picked up Madonna's thieving ways, having repeatedly been sued for or publicly accused of stealing every single project he has ever released, is now dating model Jacqui Ainsley, who recently gave birth to his child. He has started a new life with her after divorcing Madonna, whom he married for money and industry connections. He never should have married Madonna, as people kept stating in the industry that he did not love her and still harbored feelings for girlfriend Tania Strecker.

Guy Ritche and Jacqui Ainsley when she was pregnant the other day

Recently, a comedian on the BBC made very embarrassing jokes about Madonna looking like a man and implied Guy Ritchie made a wrong and foolish decision in marrying her. He spoke of Madonna's muscles, severe manliness and roughness, even mocking her ridiculous dance moves.