Monday, May 28, 2012

Beyonce Knowles Goes On Concert Tour Looking Rough And Haggard

The Bad Costumes And Bad Weaves Don't Help Things Either


Beyonce clearly didn't think this through

A rough looking Beyonce Knowles has hit the road for a concert tour and she would have been better off staying home. Her face looks haggard, her weaves crisp and the costumes are awful. She looks like her mom - literally. Knowles' bio says she is 30-years-old, but U.S. government documents from her home state of Texas states she is 38.

The stress of having pretended to be pregnant, while the global media and blogosphere called her a liar, aged her faster. A surrogate recently gave birth to Knowles' adopted child that industry folks are saying is not Beyonce's biological daughter, but she is milking it for all it is worth in the publicity department.

Rihanna also looking wrong in a unrelated performance last week

And of course, while Knowles is on tour, her unfaithful husband, Jay-Z will find a way to cheat with one of his women, like singer Rita Ora or Rihanna, who was seen going into numerous hotels with him in her absence. It's bad enough when a good looking man cheats, but one that is not doing so, like Jay-Z, is just insulting.