Wednesday, April 25, 2012

President Barack Obama Still Lagging In The Polls Behind Mitt Romney

Risks Landslide Loss If He Does Not Repair His Campaign

Barack Obama

Gallup and Rasmussen polls have incumbent President, Democrat Barack Obama, lagging behind rival, Republican, Mitt Romney, in the polls. Newspaper and network polls have been more favorable to the president, but independent polling houses tend to get it right more often\.

The struggling economy, multi-billion dollar solar initiative failures, "Fast And Furious" gun trafficking disgrace and Secret Service prostitution scandal, are negatively impacting Obama at the polls and with voters, as it has created an air of chaos and disorder over his campaign. It gives the impression the house that is his presidency is falling down around him. 

Mitt Romney

To be an effective head of state, one must be authoritative, intelligent, tough and charismatic. People have more confidence in heads of state who have things firmly under control. To do otherwise, will be interpreted as a lack of leadership and good judgment. One must have good intuition and be decisive. Image and actions matter in politics.