Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cocaine Present In The Room Obama's Secret Service Men Drank And Had Sex With Prostitutes

Dania Suarez

Once again, vagina has proven the downfall of man. President Obama's Secret Service is current embroiled in a terrible prostitution scandal, regarding a state visit to Colombia. Secret Service agents hired prostitutes to have sex with them and drink alcohol, with President Obama's security information present.

24-year-old prostitute, Dania Suarez, touched off the scandal, after a Secret Service agent stiffed her $800 and she went public with the story. A bit of false economy there, huh, dude. It was a cheap Secret Service agent that offered her $28 for $800 worth of services rendered.


That was not the time to be bargaining, because Suarez told everyone and over a dozen Secret Service agents and members of the military are now embroiled in the scandal and have been placed under formal investigation. The New York Post is also reporting cocaine was present in the rooms the debauched conduct transpired.

President Barack Obama in Cartagena, Colombia

The scandal is damaging President Barack Obama, who is between a rock and a hard place. If he throws the Secret Service under the bus, prosecuting them for breaking U.S. law in foreign territory, they may not be loyal to him, which is a dangerous scenario for the president. If he looks the other way, it will do damage to his name and legacy. I don't think they were trying to embarrass him. This was a case of lust and poor decision making.