Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are Women Like Demi Moore Unwise For Sharing Spouses

"Survey Says Yes"

It Does Not Keep Them Faithful And It Is Adulterous And Unethical

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Once thought of as daring and wild, women who had swinger type marriages to keep their husbands, are reconsidering their position. After the very public and disastrous collapse of the marriage of actress, Demi Moore, 49 and her cheating, promiscuous husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, 34, who both belong to the kooky Kabbalah cult, being a cougar and swinger became something to rethink.

Ashton Kutcher

Moore floated an item in the press, regarding sharing her husband with other women they would bring into the bedroom, but when he started to do so on his own without inviting her, she became upset. Moore is still in hiding, after announcing her separation from callous Kutcher, who began to publicly flaunt his many women in her face and in front of the paparazzi.

Demi Moore

Side bar: bloggers beware. I just got a very good and credible tip today that Demi Moore is reading blog sites and the Judiciary Report, "obsessing" over items being published about her. She is angry, but the Kabbalah nut needs to get a grip, as this adultery scandal is Kutcher's fault and what has been written is truthful. Furthermore Demi, did you ever cheat with a married man when you were younger.

Moore married the young, empty headed pretty boy, Kutcher, who used her for her industry contacts. Kutcher's only a year younger than I am and for years I've thought he is a nitwit, so I don't know why she married him. I did know for sometime that Moore and others in her crazy cult have been reading the website.

Several weeks ago, she got a lawyer to write to the Judiciary Report whining and complaining about the site, using legal subterfuge (more like illegal). You can't sue someone for breaking stories on infidelity that later prove to be true, using a direct or indirect legal premise, vengefully trying to harm someone (again because they started this, via unlawfully targeting me). I don't publish lies and I haven't done anything illegal.

The email from the lawyer ticked me off, causing me to sens back an angry response. The incident only made me want to publish more scandalous exclusives on her and that nutty criminal cult she belongs to (Kabbalah). The lawyer has not written back since, but I'm waiting...

And do remember, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Willis, Mrs. Kutcher, whatever your name is this week, you knowingly starred in and had a hand in producing criminal copyright infringing films ("the Joneses" movie among others) your Kabbalah cult feloniously stole from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog (and butchered might I add).

I never gave you or anyone permission to use those preexisting copyrights and never will, as they are mine. For you and your associates to have done so without permission, in the manner the illegally made copies were procured (criminal hacking), constitutes a string of domestic and international felonies. Yes witch, prison.

So go ahead and open that can of worms trying to bully me into not engaging in that clearly quaint concept of "free press" and "free speech" (sarcasm) and I promise you I will put you and that law firm out of business and in the most public and lawful way. You won't be the first. I'm not scared of you. Actually, I'm scared of you and Madonna...when you're both not wearing make-up.


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