Saturday, June 5, 2010

U.S. Jobs Report Exaggerated

U.S. President Barack Obama

Several mainstream news outlets are reporting, U.S. President Barack Obama touting today's national job report, as proof the recovery is working, is a fraudulent claim. The economy added 500,000 jobs, but the majority of those positions, 411,000 posts, were for seasonal Census report workers. Translation, those were very temporary jobs.

Obama's claims have thus been disproved. The President needs to stop relying on artificial results and get to the root of the real problem at hand, as pretending the unemployment problem is solved, when it is not, will only cause more damage in the long run and do greater harm to the American people.

It is time to develop a sensible job plan, where the nation can create the maximum amount of jobs for the money allotted by Congress, without waste and misappropriation occurring again.

May jobs report: Census inflates payrolls

June 4, 2010: 2:20 PM ET - NEW YORK ( -- A flood of temporary Census workers in May led to the biggest jump in jobs in ten years, the government reported Friday. Employers added 431,000 jobs in the month, up from 290,000 jobs added in April. It was the biggest gain in jobs since March 2000.

But Census hiring was responsible for 411,000 of May's increase in employment. Private sector employers also added 41,000 jobs in the period, well below the 218,000 private sector job gains in April. Government payrolls other than Census declined by 21,000 jobs in May, due largely to job cuts by state and local governments.

It was a disappointing number for private sector hiring, as economists surveyed by had forecast an overall gain of 500,000 in May. U.S. stocks traded sharply lower on the report, with the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 200 points in midday trading...