Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Lindsay Lohan Trainwreck Continues

Lindsay Lohan is perennially confused

The trainwreck that is one time Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, continues to press on, looking for its next crash. Lohan, who is strung out and burned out, continues to crazily traipse all over the place, in search of her next buzz. She has resorted to drinking tea with alcohol in it.

...and lost

Lohan has pulled every embarrassing stunt to gain public and paparazzi attention and shift press focus to her messed up life that she continually sabotages. The spectacle is disgraceful, undignified and a very poor way to get one's name in the paper. Rather than being reported on for doing good deeds, she is written about for the bad things she consistently does to her own detriment.