Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dwayne Wade Gains Temporary Custody Of Children

Siovaughn and Dwayne Wade

A Chicago, Illinois judge has awarded NBA basketball player, Dwayne Wade temporary custody of his children. The judge cited the fact his estranged wife, Siovaughn Wade, has denied him access to his children, as grounds for the order.

Wade has been dating duplicitous actress, Gabrielle Union, who was instrumental in the break up of his marriage to Siovaughn. Union has flaunted her relationship with Wade in his wife's face, which is cruel, inconsiderate and unkind. Audiences have been boycotting her films as a result of this arrogance.

Siovaughn appeared in the touching February 2010 E! documentary "Basketball Wives" which, is not to be confused with the VH-1 reality show of the same name, helmed by Shaunie O'Neal, ex-wife of Shaquille O'Neal.

Siovaughn intelligently expressed how painful her separation and current divorce proceedings have been and the terrible toll it has taken on her children. She stated her children have cried on numerous occasions that they miss their dad when he is away and since the separation, it has become a common occurrence. That will infuriate a mother and cause negative feelings towards the adulteress that created the situation.

Siovaughn probably does not want Union around her children, which is understandable, as anyone with the ill will to break up a marriage in the manner Union has, rubbing it in Siovaughn's face, is not to be trusted. Union has behaved in a very disgraceful manner towards Siovaughn, provoking an adversarial stance. As such she has fought to keep them with her.

This is a sad a difficult situation to maneuver and there is a reason for that - it simply was not God's will. It is clear the ongoing divorce has negatively impacted Siovaughn's well being, angering and upsetting her, which led to decisions that were made under duress.

However, she must take a proactive stance in the matter, which has been thoroughly unfair, as who wants their family to be broken up, especially in such a highly visible setting, with prying cameras and reporters.

Gabrielle Union

The Judiciary Report does not support what Union has done and it is not the first time her name has been attached to a married man. Marriage is sacred to God and should be to us as human beings as well. If she truly cared about Wade, she would not destroy his marriage.

For the sake of the Wade children, it is the Judiciary Report's hope Dwayne and Siovaughn will reconcile, as that is God's will and we know this by His Word, the Bible, which states, "What God has put together, let no man pull apart."

It is probably not what Dwayne wants to hear, as he is in a new world, where women throw themselves at him, but it is the truth and what is best for him and his family. For the Judiciary Report to state otherwise, would be to defy the Word of God, which Wade's mother coincidentally preaches.

The Judiciary Report respects the work preachers do and as such, writes about this case, as it would be hard to fathom Wade's mother is happy at the deterioration of his marriage and it occurring in the limelight.

Last year, after a shopping trip at our local Wal-Mart, my mother informed me that Wade made an appearance for a DVD signing. She commented on how the women were screaming for and flocking to him in large numbers. It's the same story for most male stars and has been for decades. That kind of temptation has to be difficult, but one must put it in perspective.

At the end of the day, one must remember those that were with one when one had little money and no fame. Those that were there, because they like you as a person, not what they can get from you or the attention your name now attracts. Those are the ones that truly care for you. Fame is fleeting, but true friends and real love is not.

May all involved seek and find God's forgiveness, mercy, hope and direction, in what is a lamentable situation.