Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chris Brown Tour Cancelled As Visa Denied

Chris Brown and new Rihanna look-alike girlfriend, but she is an upgrade

Convicted woman beating Sony Music R&B crooner, Chris Brown, just had cold water thrown on his tour by the British government, as they denied him entry into the U.K. for a series of concerts, whose tickets have already been sold.

After Brown's legal troubles, regarding beating girlfriend and fellow singer, Rihanna, for attacking him in a rented Lamborghini, culminated into his arrest and guilty plea, he became ineligible to visit many countries that bar people with criminal records, as a precaution to their own citizens and residents.

Brown expected to flout this international rule, by placing tickets on sale, hoping it would force world governments' hands on the issue, but it failed. As a result, the concert promoter and insurance company are out large sums of money on a gamble gone wrong.