Thursday, June 3, 2010

Acrimony Between Megan Fox And Michael Bay

Michael Bay and Megan Fox

The acrimony between "Transformers" actress, Megan Fox and the film franchise's director, Michael Bay, is quite pronounced, as the administrator of his website slammed her online.

He grew tired of people writing about Fox on Bay's forum, told them to stop and stated the actress got "her butt handed to her." Fox did begin pre-production work with the rest of the cast for the "Transformers 3" film, but was fired after a few months.

Since that time, she has been throwing her relationship with boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, in Bay's face, engaging in sugary public displays of affection, she rarely did before. Many in Hollywood believe Fox and Bay had a sexual relationship and his feelings for her prompted the special attention she received in her career.

Bay has been in love with Fox for years and hoped it would mushroom into marriage, but it has not thus far. Fox mistook how much abuse he would take and vice versa, resulting in a break in their relationship and her firing.