Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Times Square Terrorist Arrested

Faisil Shahzad

Faisil Shahzad, the man that tried to blow up Times Square in New York last Saturday, May 2, 2010, has been apprehended by American authorities, as he attempted to board an Emirates airplane to Dubai, at John F. Kennedy Airport, en route to his homeland, Pakistan.

Shazhard, became a U.S. citizen one year ago. He has been living in America for years. He went to the University of Bridgeport, in the U.S. state of Connecticut. He obtain a degree in Computer Applications and Information Systems and later earned an MBA. He is married with two children and his home was foreclosed upon last year.

Eric Holder, sporting his standard "deer in headlights" look: we found out about it when you did

Shazhard, the prime suspect in the attempted bombing, told the FBI he acted alone.However, additional arrests have been made in America and Pakistan, regarding this terrible incident.

The timer on Shahzad's bomb (yes, really)

The bomb looked like it was made by Wiley Coyote. If this dude did not have the brain power of Britney Spears, the bomb would have gone off. He deserves life in prison for the attempted mass murder of people in New York.

Wiley Coyote

In watching the news on Saturday, one of my relatives was concerned the suspect, may have fled the country. I stated in response, the airport is the worst place to go when one commits a crime in a major country, as APBs will be issued. One would simply turn up at the airport unannounced and receive a free prostate exam, courtesy of a policeman's nightstick (truncheon). And sure enough, they caught him at the airport days later.

Times Square crime scene

In closing, well done to the t-shirt vendor, whose vigilance in spotting the smoking vehicle, saved many lives, by the grace of God. You deserve the keys to the city and a cash reward.