Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Trashes The iPad

U.S. President Barack Obama, using computer technology to make a phone call

U.S. President Barack Obama launched into a tirade against modern technology, notably slamming Apple's iPad, which the Judiciary Report thinks is a nifty little piece of hardware. Mr. Obama labeled it, "A distraction...rather than a tool of empowerment." As a result, many blogs and websites are slamming the President.

Obama clutches his Blackberry

Is Obama mad at Apple's Steve Jobs? Is Mrs. Obama having an affair with Jobs? (kidding - she better not!). One has to wonder about the motivation behind the slam of one of America's most profitable companies that makes good products many enjoy.

Apple Store

Let's not forget, Apple is putting money into the U.S. Treasury, via tax revenues, for the President to spend...and spend he has. At least Apple didn't need a bailout and once again, you're spending their money, Mr. President.

Mr. Obama should remember, doctors, scientists and inventors use computers and other forms of technology, to formulate works that cure disease and make life better for everyone. You're not against curing disease, are you Mr. Obama?

Backlash Over Obama Insulting the Precious iPad

Bloggers and techies are booing Obama's commencement speech at Hampton University, where he took shots at the iPad and social media for being a "distraction...rather than a tool of empowerment." The notoriously Blackberry addicted president, who gives his weekly address on YouTube and has his own Facebook page, claimed he didn't know how to use most of the tech toys and warned against blogs perpetuating the "craziest claims." Now, the blogs are revolting.

Blogger Stowe Boyd thinks Obama was avoiding the real issues, writing, "Is he kidding? We have a world in chaos—ecological mess, wars, a wounded economy, unemployment—and he decides to warn college seniors about overuse of shiny mobile devices?"

Finance blog The Streets saw a lot of Obama bashing on their message boards, with commenter CedricT saying, "Obama is just another out of touch middle aged man set in his ways too early in life...He needs to be mocked and pitied not used as a role model." The blog says Obama should credit these companies for turning American brands into global icons and facilitating his goal of transparency in government.

Of course, one blogger had the guts to tweet what everybody was already thinking: "Why does Obama hate iPad's and blogs and anything else U get information from? He can't control it!" That or he's just jealous he got on the Blackberry bandwagon before the iPad came out.